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Chicken Guy by Guy Fieri and Robert Earl Opens at Disney Springs (Photos, Review)

Hi everyone –

Last Thursday, Chicken Guy at Disney Springs opened to guests. We had been at Epcot when I noticed it on Twitter, so we thought it might be a little less busy than trying to visit during the weekend (it was, though the line wasn’t bad on Saturday around 4:30pm either). Chicken Guy is the brainchild of celebrity chef Guy Fieri and restaurateur Robert Earl, who founded Planet Hollywood and also was one of the founders of Earl of Sandwich. The restaurant is comparable to Earl of Sandwich pricing, where guests can get a full meal with drink and side for a reasonable price. I was looking forward to the restaurant, I have never had anything but terrific counter service food from Guy Fieri (Guy’s Burger Joint and Guy’s Pig and Anchor on the Carnival Cruise Line) and Robert Earl at Earl of Sandwich. This isn’t their first collaboration, there is a Guy Fieri menu inside Planet Hollywood and I enjoyed my burger there too. So I figured Chicken Guy had a good chance of having a solid food menu and it does.

Chicken Guy had a line when we arrived, but the main reason the line was fairly long is because each order is customized with sauces. Register time is longer than many other counter locations due to that. The indoor line is actually pretty short once inside. It would be great to see something like iPads used to take orders down before guests reach the register.

The Combo meal is $11.49 and includes 3 tenders or a sandwich, along with a drink and fries. The really nice thing about Chicken Guy is that the chicken can be ordered grilled all-natural or fried.

Guy Fieri holds a chicken in this photo in the restaurant, with words behind him mentioning how the chicken is never frozen and is antibiotic free.

There is a long, open kitchen here. Chicken Guy is bigger than I expected and has a decent amount of indoor/outdoor seating when both can be utilized (i.e. – when not raining). There is more indoor seating than I thought there would be – it wasn’t hard for us to find a seat after ordering our food.

Guy Fieri with Robert Earl (who is holding the chicken this time) in a photo.

We had a late lunch 3 or 4 hours earlier, so we didn’t buy extra food except for a salad that we could take with us. We will add more items to the review as we make other visits to Chicken Guy. We ordered a 3 piece Chicken Tender Combo along with The Sauce Boss sandwich (two chicken tenders between the buns) with terriyaki sauce. The nice thing at Chicken Guy is that each sauce (or ordering no sauce) makes the sandwich unique from the next, the combinations are almost endless.

The chicken tenders were delicious and crispy with plenty of chicken under the coating.

The Sauce Boss sandwich was probably my favorite item, I hadn’t realized it was two chicken tenders at the time – but it is and was delicious. The sandwich comes with a lot of lettuce, then tomato, onions and pickles (mostly I remember the lettuce). There are five different sandwiches, all can be customized as grilled or fried and then guests can order two sauces with any sandwich. I can’t say much about the fries yet, we took so long photographing that they were warm and not hot. Next time.

The logo is fun and is on almost everything, including the takeaway bag, the french fry box, the cups, the wall, etc.

One side of the cup.

We ordered a Chopped Chicken Caesar to go. There are also two other salads, all are between $8.00 and $9.00. I think the price is a little high for the salad, I think $6.99 or so would have been a better price point. Chicken here can also be either grilled or fried, and there were a lot of house-made croutons along with the chicken pieces.

It can be kind of hard to tell what is chicken and what is croutons here, but probably about half and half. The salad was a decent Caesar offering.

While guests can order sauces at the counter, there is also a Sauce Slinger and he was fantastic – very enthusiastic and I ended up finding a favorite sauce in the Sweet Sriracha BBQ that I would never have ordered myself.

The vest has Sauce Slinger written on the back as well.

This is a look at the counter from the opposite side, you can see there isn’t a large queue once inside.

The decor is fun too.

There is a standard soda fountain with a couple of interesting choices in addition to what you’d expect.

We will update this article soon with other items we try! There are some sides I am interested in and next time we’ll try a frozen treat as well (there are two). Kid’s meals are available and cost $4.99.

We also talk about Chicken Guy in our Mousesteps Weekly YouTube Show #277. I have the show queued up to it.

Chicken Guy currently is open from 11am until midnight every day. It is located near the Orange Garage and across from the Coca-Cola Store at the Planet Hollywood building.