Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Walt Disney World Boardwalk Area Pumpkin Displays 2018 – Boardwalk, Yacht & Beach Club Resorts

Hi everyone!

Various Walt Disney World resorts have pumpkins decorated by Cast Members on display – these aren’t real pumpkins, but faux/craft pumpkins that have been creatively painted, carved and decorated. Some of them as always are really incredible! We went to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, as well as Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts for a Crescent Lake pumpkin loop.

First we walked to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort.

We almost missed this one! The display is in the lobby not far from the Dundy’s Sundries gift shop.

Jack Skellington will be your concierge Cast Member.

He is earning his ears and comes from Halloween Town.

Here is our video of all the displays, and more photos beneath it from all three resorts.

Olaf stands at the front of the display, and provides some levity to a darker style display.

A pumpkin decorated.

Pi on a pumpkin.

Star Wars.

There are potion containers, gravestones and spiders among the pumpkins.

Minnie Mouse is a witch concocting a potion.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort logo.

This looks to be based on the Lucy the Elephant in the lobby (and in New Jersey).


This pumpkin is beautifully painted/drawn with a variety of Disney villains, including Hades, the Evil Queen and Jafar on this side.

Hades and Maleficent.

Yzma is much harder to see, and it looks like there is another character to the right.

The Hag holds a poison apple.

The apple is the dominant feature – and her hands.

Here is a look at the display from the side.

There was a contest, and all the contests seem to be via text since last year.

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts have two displays, one in each resort.

This pumpkin is themed to Peter Pan.

The Haunted Mansion.

A Beaches and Cream banana split.

This is my favorite pumpkin from the loop, with Winnie the Pooh trying to get to the hunny. It is adorable!

Pooh is next to BB-8.


Stormalong Bay includes what looked to be a real goldfish inside the water (within the pumpkin).

A s’more is next to Stormalong Bay.

Here is a look at the pumpkin display, which was in the hallway.

And the sides of the pumpkin includes the shipwreck.

Mickey as Jack Skellington sits on ths Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin, with Oogie Boogie inside and Zero on an ear.


Disney’s Yacht Club Resort features Darth Vader and Fantasia.

Darth Vader close up.

The broom holds a pumpkin carved with Sorcerer Mickey.

Sorcerer Mickey.

The other side of pumpkins includes the Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin.

Those were some of the highlights of the three resorts on the Crescent Lake loop!

We should have more pumpkin photos to show this week but then we head quickly into the Christmas season! Saturday was gorgeous for it.