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Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Decorates for Holidays (Our Photos and Video)

Hi everyone!

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has added some Christmas decorations for the holidays, plus new character costumes as Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear join in the celebration. Alien Swirling Saucers and Slinky Dog Dash also have a holiday element. Alien Swirling Saucers includes Christmas music on some ride-throughs and Slinky Dog Dash has the sound of sleigh bells (though I didn’t hear it on the ride, just when off). Woody at the front of the land and Jessie with Rex all offer holiday greetings. The amount of decorations is light compared with Cars Land at Disney California Adventure but what is there is festive and fun. Here is a look in photos and video at yesterday! And if anything else is added, I will post it to this article.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios was mostly decorated yesterday, though with Echo Lake not finished I am just focusing on Toy Story Land today. Traditionally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios tends to be the first decorated park though the Magic Kingdom was this year.

Here is a look at some of the garland on Hollywood Boulevard. Next week I will write more about the decorations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this week I will be writing about Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party after attending the first two.

There is a new Toy Story Alien holiday popcorn bucket. It costs $25 with popcorn and is really cute. I hope plenty were ordered to last through the holiday season! This will be one of the must-have souvenirs of the season.

Here is a look at popcorn in the bucket.

Woody greets guests with holiday phrases, we didn’t spend any real time in this location this visit but will next time.

Buzz Lightyear takes a look at our popcorn bucket.

He is wearing a Santa hat for the holidays.

Here is our video of Buzz, Woody and Jessie.

Green Army Men are wearing scarves.

Rex has antlers that look like they are cut out of cardboard by Andy. The Christmas lights are in Toy Story Land all year round.

These large, decorative ornaments are really cute, with Toy Story Aliens.

This is my favorite.

Hamm is a holiday sugar cookie.

A Green Army Man holds him up.

Slinky Dog Dash was posted at 110 minutes wait when we got in line, it was about an hour. When we got off the ride, it said 65. While on the ride, I didn’t see or hear anything different than usual.

Here is our video of Slinky Dog Dash with the sleigh bell sounds from off the ride and more of the decorations (it includes a full ride through on the coaster).

Jessie and Rex do offer holiday greetings and the best place to hear them is from where I am standing for the photo.

Woody and Jessie pose in their holiday costumes.

Woody has a little holly on his hat, as does Jessie.

A Christmas tree is on Woody’s vest.

Jessie showed her candy-cane striped hat decoration.

She also noticed the alien popcorn bucket. This was a fun meet, I definitely recommend stopping for the characters – the lines don’t usually get too long, we waited about 5-10 for Buzz Lightyear and 15 or so for Woody and Jessie.

Here is a look at the back of their costumes.

At Woody’s Lunch Box, there are popcorn decorations. There was also a holiday offering but we didn’t try it.

That is it for Toy Story Land! I may have missed a couple of things but not much – I’m not sure if more decorations will be coming, but what was there was nicely done and I will stop by again early next week.

We’ll be here next week with more of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But we’ll also have Disney Springs with the Christmas Tree Trail as well as our Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party coverage, Gaylord Palms with their 2018 offerings (featuring A Christmas Story), IAAPA, Destination D and more!