Knott’s Merry Farm Kicks off for Holiday Season 2018

Hi everyone!

We sent our reporters out to Knott’s Merry Farm, which looks like an incredible time – I love visiting Knott’s Berry Farm but have not been out for Christmas yet. There is so much to see and do! First, check out the calendar for the times that the park will be open through the rest of the year for Merry Farm – it ends January 6th, 2019. Hours can change drastically from day to day, weekends are the best if you want to stay late. Check out the variety of attractions that are available. I like Knott’s Snoopy ice skating shows (they occur at other times during the year too). There are a variety of shows, carolers, and then special food and merchandise for Knott’s Merry Farm. I recommend a Knott’s Berry Farm seasonal pass, the prices are very reasonable. Here is a look at some event highlights, merchandise and food! Thanks to Carole and B.L for covering this for us!

The Peanuts Gang takes over the Calico Mine Stage in “It’s The Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown”. They are putting on a Christmas pageant, with Charlie Brown as the director. If you love the Peanuts characters, Knott’s has them in several shows during the holiday season and you can meet them in Camp Snoopy.

Here is our video of “It’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever Charlie Brown”.

Ghost Town’s Main Street and School House Road are the setting for Glow and Snow, which also includes thousands of lights.

 Santa’s Christmas Cabin is in Wilderness Dance Hall at Ghost Town.

Snoopy and Friends appear at the Christmas Tree Lighting.

There is special merchandise, including with Peanuts characters.

There is actually a lot with Peanuts characters!

And even the treats can include Snoopy.

Knott’s Berry Farm has terrific treats and baked goods, and there are plenty for the holiday season.

Macaroons, donuts, cookies and more are decorated.

And not only are there treats, but there are regular food items. Our reporters said there is a lot of turkey (which you can see in the background, including with the Turkey Poutine).

There are Turkey Dinner Bites.

Holiday Turkey Pizza.

Holiday Egg Roll.

Here is a variety of food items.

There is a Peppermint Churro.

And a Turkey Dinner over fries.

Check out Knott’s Merry Farm for the Christmas season if you are in the Southern California area! And remember to spend all day, there are so many attractions to see – a wide variety including roller coasters and other thrill rides, but also Camp Snoopy for the kids and family attractions. Knott’s Berry Farm lends itself well to the warmth of the holiday season.