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Photo and Video Tour of Municiberg at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Including Edna Mode Experience Meet & Greet

Hi everyone!

Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been transformed to a city block at Municiberg as An Incredible Celebration takes place through September 30th, 2019. Edna Mode is meeting guests here, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and Frozone interact with guests at a dance party. Guests can even purchase a deep dish Num Num Cookie!

Jeff went to a media preview and then we went back on our own, a few photos and the videos are his during the less busy event.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is undergoing a transformation, with the main focus for the end of this year being the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Toy Story Land opened last year and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is scheduled to open later this year. It is nice to have Pixar Place back open again to offer guests extra entertainment.

On the way to Municiberg, guests can also meet Mike and Sulley. This is a new meet and greet that opened on January 18th inside Walt Disney Presents with a lot of other entertainment offerings at Walt Disney World.

Mike and Sulley had a 40 minute wait when we walked by.

Here is our video of Mike and Sulley from Friday.

This sign says that Municiberg is a “SUPER Friendly Place”. There is a 30th anniversary banner with Jack-Jack on it here as well.

Pixar Place has been closed for months now and it is nice to see it being used.

Mrs. Incredible is one of three characters you may see during the dance party.


Yesterday the dance party was busy – the location isn’t huge, but guests do move in and out frequently so you should be able to see your favorite Incredibles character.

Mr. Incredible demonstrates a hula-hoop.

Guests can now meet Edna Mode in The Edna Mode Experience.

Edna was waiting when Jeff saw her during the preview.

This is the exterior of The Edna Mode Experience. There wasn’t a standee outside like the Monsters Inc. meet and greet and it is easy to miss the signage up above.

The queue is a Super Suit Gallery containing suits of The Incredibles characters.

Frozone suit.

Dash’s suit.

There is also a wall of accolades and magazine covers for Edna Mode.

Here are a few of them close up.

Municiberg Fashion Monthly.

Mode in Milan.

It took us about 15 minutes to meet Edna Mode on this morning.

Here is our video meeting Edna Mode.

And a full Municiberg tour that Jeff put together from the media preview.
There is a sign that says Bakery above the kiosk.

There is a menu of items including an Incredible Hero Sandwich and the Mask Pretzel with Cheese.

One item brought over from Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure is the Cookie Num Num. It is a deep dish chocolate chip cookie.

The Toy Story Alien popcorn bucket is back in stock.

Here is a look at a variety of the snacks available. The Pixar straws can be purchased separately.

We purchased the pretzel that resembles Mrs. Incredible’s mask. It includes black salt, and tastes mostly like any other pretzel.

Jeff was given a Cookie Num Num during the media event and we purchased one yesterday. It tastes very similar to the California version.

The gift shop that has been at Pixar Place since opening now is themed to Municiberg Gifts.

The merchandise is mostly Incredibles themed.

Jack Jack can be seen in some form around the area.

Jack-Jack and his handprints.

Another Jack-Jack location.

And you can see chocolate chip cookies on the ground.

Municiberg Plaza is mostly for photo ops outside.

Here, a photo op allows guests to be photographed with An Incredible Celebration artwork.

Stop by Disney’s Hollywood Studios by September 30th, 2019 to experience An Incredible Celebration!