Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Walk 2019 Via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk (140 Photos)



Funnel cakes and cotton candy can be found at this kiosk.

I think this location is mostly open in the evenings.

The third shop that links to the Screen Door General Store is Thimbles & Threads. When inside, it doesn’t feel like 3 different shops – it feels like the same store with different sections.

Next door is Big River Grille & Brewing Works. The food isn’t bad here and the restaurant offers a beer tapping every month or two – with a nice price on the newly tapped beer for a couple of hours.

Big River Grille.

Looking out on the water.

Disney Vacation Club sales are to the left.

And Jellyrolls, a longtime dueling piano bar is next. I haven’t been inside since the 1990s. We arrive here at 9:23 a.m., about 10 minutes after we left the Epcot International Gateway.

Jellyrolls is next to the Atlantic Dance Hall. I have never been there except for special events, but these are popular venues for convention goers.

Looking up at Jellyrolls.

And ahead at Atlantic Dance.

We are turning left at Jellyrolls.

If you walk straight, you can go to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort hotels. These can, at times, be very reasonably priced accomodations in this deluxe area – plus they were recently renovated and have several top rated restaurants including Shula’s, Kimonos and Todd English’s Bluezoo. The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic is also a terrific foodie event each October.

We aren’t heading to there, we are turning to the left.

We are taking the sidewalk here.

At this point, there are signs pointing to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and we are walking along the water the whole way.

The signage also points back toward The BoardWalk.

It’s a scenic walk from here but shopping and dining options have ended.

We are walking along the water on one side and the Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort on the left.

The Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort.

Looking back to the Walt Disney World Dolphin.

For about half the way, the resort will be on the left.

There is more signage pointing in either direction.

The Walt Disney World Swan is on the right.

And the BoardWalk on the left. The Walt Disney World BoardWalk is part DVC resort, part regular rooms (the Inn side).

There is generally a fair bit of activity here, from guests walking or running to Friendship boats passing by. Not that it is visible in this photo, but I usually see quite a few guests when walking this path.

We pass by BoardWalk Community Hall at 9:27a.m.

From here we continue to walk straight.

Tennis courts are still here.

There is a water stop sign for the Walt Disney World Marathon that was held in January.

We are getting closer to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

A bridge is ahead.

We are going under the bridge and there is another sign for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We pass under the bridge at 9:31 a.m.

A Friendship Boat departs Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The boat passes me.

From here, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is easy to see. The Christmas tree was also still up at the park – past the entrance.

There is construction up ahead right now but it does not currently effect the walk.

The Walt Disney World Skyliner can be seen (it is scheduled to open this fall) and work is ongoing at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios bus stops.

There is a construction fence on the left. That should be gone in the next few months.

The Tower of Terror is to the right.

Guests can catch a bus to resorts and other parks from Disney’s Hollywood Studios but the bus stop area is not yet complete.

There is a sign for the park entrance and new restrooms.

We are still following the sidewalk.

A Friendship Boat arrives.

We are arriving now to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with the new restrooms and upcoming Disney Skyliner Station nearby.

The restrooms are on the right.

A sign points to the walkway we just were on as well as buses.

It’s nice having restrooms here but the women’s room is fairly small with 6 or 7 stalls. When the Disney Skyliner opens, this will probably be a very busy location. I arrive here at 9:37 a.m., 24 minutes after I leave the Epcot International Gateway. This is the end of the timed portion of the walk, it’s just another minute or two to get to security (depending on crowds).

Later this year, we’ll see the Disney Skyliner gondolas arriving here.

The station is being built on the right.

Signage points to the park entrance, restrooms and walkway to Epcot.

After the restrooms, we turn right toward the park entrance.

The Disney Skyliner station is on the right.

And we follow along the wall.

The Tower of Terror.

Sorcerer Mickey and Fantasia brooms are usually the characters out here, though we’ve seen Elsa & Anna topiaries and Lightning McQueen in years past.

The Welcome sign for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This is a really great walk between the two parks with a lot to see along the way. In the summer it can get very hot, so you could even walk part way and then take a Friendship Boat from a resort once you’ve made it to Disney’s BoardWalk. There are a lot of options! I plan to post a new photo walk later this year when the Disney Skyliner is open.