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A Visit to Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs (Food and Beverage Photos)

Hi everyone!

We were invited to the Planet Hollywood Observatory last week. The original Planet Hollywood restaurant had been reimagined a couple of years ago (we have an article here). I’ve always enjoyed the food, in particular since they added the Guy Fieri menu – he also started the quick service Chicken Guy as part of the Planet Hollywood complex with Robert Earl. I didn’t photograph the restaurant this time, I already have many photos in the article I shared plus it was a busy night – I’m just talking food and drinks.

Planet Hollywood has a large amount of alcoholic, non alcoholic and sweet beverages including the Planet-Bowl Perfect Storm drink with vum, vodka, gin, tequila, DeKuyper blue curacao, fresh sour and Sprite

The drinks here look pretty similar – one is the Black Pearl Mai Tai and the other a Pineapple Express.

I ordered one of the mule drinks, the Red Russian Mule with New Amsterdam vodka, Gosling’s ginger beer, lime juice and strawberry syrup. It’s a solid drink, I was looking for something not too sweet.

The Supernova Shakes were brought out quickly. To the right is the Strawberry Big Bang Milkshake, which includes a lollipop and a full sized piece of cake. I save most of my dessert calories here for a portion of the cake. To the left is the Chocolate Supernova Shake. I would split these if drinking them, they are big and just the cake itself is enough for dessert.

This is the Cosmic Cotton Candy Milkshake.

The Chocolate Comet Shake has a cookie straw and a lot of chocolate before you even dig into the shake.

Because of how much was on the table, I had to photograph this tightly – it is served in a wire chicken. This is the World Famous Chicken Crunch, with a sweet crunchy coating. It is very popular and comes with a Creole mustard sauce.

The Hummus Trio makes a nice appetizer. The hummus is roasted red pepper and black bean, edamame, and roasted garlic and they come with toasted herb flatbread.

The High Roller Sampler includes a variety of different items – one would be the World Famous Chicken Crunch, and also Five Cheese Dip, Texas Tostados, Buffalo Wings and Fried Jumbo Shrimp. The presentation is fun.

There are six entree salads on the menu, not just the standard caesar but one is a superfood blend that includes kale and brussels sprouts.

This is the Bacon Mac-n-Cheese burger. I don’t eat mac and cheese but Guy Fieri is known for it. The burger also includes Applewood-smoked bacon.

I ordered the Plain Jane burger (it comes with cheese but I ordered without). This is just a delicious hamburger. It comes with donkey sauce on the side.

The BBQ Ribs are always a hit, pork ribs smothered with BBQ sauce and served on a small picnic table.

I have not tried pasta at Planet Hollywood Observatory before. This was a surprise, the Penne, Chicken & Broccoli. It is a simple dish, but very tasty. It has a roasted garlic pesto cream sauce and penne.

The Brownie Sundae Martini here is decadent, and you would want to likely share this with 4+ others. It is really big! It includes twelve chunks of fresh baked brownies, six scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, caramel, chocolate sauce and a lot of whipped cream. This is something I’d never order on my own since I just would want one or two pieces of brownie and a little ice cream – but it’s really good.

Here is a look at the sundae next to two very decently sized desserts (one a shake). To the left is the Key Lime Pie Star Jar and I just couldn’t try everything – we were brought out a lot of food and drinks to try. I have heard very good things about it.

The Planet Meltdown is melted at the table with hot chocolate sauce. Inside is a double chocolate fudge cake, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Here is a look inside.

There is a large screen and someone was being asked to go to prom. The restaurant does have music and noise but I never find it too noisy that I can’t talk to others at the table pretty easily. That is a big deal to me, I don’t mind sound and music as long as I can communicate.

Planet Hollywood Observatory is located at the West Side of Disney Springs, near the Orange Parking Garage. I have always enjoyed my meals and drinks here. I personally prefer to go at an off time when it isn’t full, but that is a preference that I have at many restaurants. That also makes it easier for me to look around.

We were invited to Planet Hollywood Observatory, all views are mine.