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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino Tower Update – April 24th, 2019

Hi everyone!

I stopped by Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort yesterday – the 15-story Gran Destino Tower is just over 2 months from opening on July 9th, 2019! There is also some new resort specific merchandise in Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries. The last time we posted a photo update was April 5th.

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The front entrance will be the new entrance (two stories) for the entire resort.

Here is a little closer look.

And more detail on the building.

This is a side view from the parking lot.

The new Gran Destino Tower can be seen past the current El Centro area.

There will be 545 guest rooms with 50 suites, adding to the 1800+ current rooms for a total of 2,385 rooms and suites.

There is also going to be a rooftop restaurant, Toledo – Tapas, Steak & Seafood – the menu is online and reservations can be made. Disney says about the restaurant, “Spend the evening enjoying delicious tapas, sublime steaks and succulent seafood under a large pair of olive trees and shimmering vaulted ceilings.”

Details have been filling in over the past few weeks.

Being that Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has the largest convention center on property and still one of the largest single story convention centers in the Southeast, facilities for conventioneers has been long needed. With Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort already being an upgraded moderate resort in terms of offerings, now it will be sort of a combination of moderate and deluxe. Back when I was a travel agent (and a DRC Cast Member before that), Disney’s Coronado Springs was a moderate resort that I often recommended for adult couples when large conventions weren’t taking up the resort. And I would recommend it even more when the Gran Destino Tower opens.

The connecting walkway is still being worked on.

It will be interesting to see what happens with El Centro when the Gran Destino Tower opens.

More detail on the building.

Here is a look at the Gran Destino Tower from a little further away.

More of the work still in progress.

The walkway from Gran Destino Tower to El Centro.

El Centro from across the lake.

The 15-story tower can be seen from around the resort.

We showed quite a bit of Villa Del Lago in the last update. That is the name of this complex, but the Three Bridges Bar & Grill is the name of the restaurant within it.

Here are a few photos of Villa Del Lago from yesterday.

It will be nice to have the bridges themselves open.

I made a quick stop at El Mercado de Coronado – I don’t think I have posted about it previously. This location was The Pepper Market from resort opening until late last year. The food court did change in design some. Here are a small amount of photos.

And in Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries, there is new resort specific merchandise. It sounds like more is coming.

The coasters are very nice.

Water bottles.

And there are t-shirts and a tank top.

We will be back at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort next month for another update!