Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Magic Kingdom Photo Update May 8th, 2019 Including Cinderella Castle Path Widening, Tomorrowland Speedway

Hi everyone!

We stopped by the Magic Kingdom yesterday for a brief visit – not much more than 90 minutes including a full Main Street Philharmonic set. But there was quite a bit to see, including the walkway past Cinderella Castle now being closed; Tomorrowland Speedway testing; Tron construction and more. I was videotaping this time too so I have fewer Tron pics than I normally would, but I will have more soon.

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The monorail was delayed by about 10 minutes, so we took the Magic Kingdom ferry boat to the park. It is a nice way to go although it’s also lovebug season (so they also made the journey!)

Lovebug season is short but there are more than usual this month. They are harmless and don’t generally bother me except on the car (you need to wash them off quickly).

Tron construction cranes rise past Space Mountain.

Our first photos were over where the Magic Kingdom pathway is being widened. It is now closed as that work continues.

Here is a look at some of the work. You can see that the Sleepy Hollow Refreshments seating is now closed off here too. Sleepy Hollow is open, I didn’t photograph it because Cast Members were saying it was one way traffic only due to Festival of Fantasy coming so I stuck in this area.

We will also have pics going the other way.

The moat had a little bit of water in it.

Here is one last photo from this side.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments sign.

We walked up instead to Fantasyland through Cinderella Castle.

Castle Couture still has scrim.

Here is a look at the other side.

This is the wall that stops guests from walking down the path.

Cast Members were testing the Tomorrowland Speedway cars, I do have a short clip on Twitter and we will have more on our Mousesteps Weekly show this week – but then it will be open just days after that!

The Tomorrowland Speedway is supposed to reopen May 18th, 2019.

I took a couple of photos of Tron construction from near Goofy’s Barnstormer, I will have much better in the next week or so. Every day there are changes.

The paint scheme has changed in Tomorrowland – here it is sort of a peach.

And we took a ride on the People Mover. I used the video camera for most of the Tron construction (for our show) and took a few photos when exiting Space Mountain.

You can see the colors of Tomorrowland from the People Mover as well.

On our way out, the Main Street Philharmonic was playing. They started with a Frozen medley and then went into “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and some other songs. I think we will share a song or two soon.

We were planning to head to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and you can see Mickey at the front of the Magic Kingdom from the monorail.

While we were at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, we stopped briefly for a few Tron photos (I prefer inside the park for them though).

We will have much more soon from the Magic Kingdom!