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Disney Skyliner Gondolas Uncovered, Revealing Characters from Haunted Mansion, “Coco”, “Guardians of the Galaxy” & More

Hi everyone!

55 Disney themed Skyliner gondolas were uncovered today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, revealing a variety of characters including Madame Leota as part of the Haunted Mansion gondola, Starlord and Gamora as part of Guardians of the Galaxy gondola and so many more including Coco and Winnie the Pooh characters. We were out there for about an hour and the gondolas (in testing stage) often would stop for lengths of time, so some gondolas I photographed very well and a few others I may have missed a side. I can always add in any characters I missed here!

Between our photos and video, all the gondolas should be covered pretty fully. For example, I somehow didn’t see Mickey and Minnie on one side but Jeff has that in the video. There are duplicate gondola characters, and I will show that below. My personal favorite is the Haunted Mansion gondola! The Disney Skyliner is scheduled to open sometime this fall, and will connect Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot’s International Gateway, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the upcoming Disney Riviera Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Below are over 60 photos and our video!

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We had a morning event nearby and it was nice we could stop by afterwards.

Here is our video.

And a look toward the Disney Skyliner station with the Tower of Terror in the background.

The Hitchhiking Ghosts are part of the Haunted Mansion gondola.

The Madame Leota side is my favorite.

And I think this is the final side (but I mentioned that I missed some sides).

The Guardians of the Galaxy gondola design is really fun! Yondu with Cosmo are on this side.

You can see Starlord and Gamora.

And Groot and Rocket is my favorite design on this one.

Here they are arriving to the station.

Two Guardians of the Galaxy gondolas pass each other.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

There are several sides here, including the jail scene.

One last look.

Winnie the Pooh has a number of sides, including Owl and Eeyore.

Closer up on them.

From afar, I saw Pooh and Piglet. Most guests will not see all the designs unless they wait, we were there an hour.

Tigger looks down.

Stitch is on this gondola, and there is at least one more side – I didn’t photograph it well.

The Star Wars gondola design includes BB-8.

Chewbacca and porgs.

R2-D2 and C3PO.

Toy Story includes Rex and Bullseye.

And Woody, Buzz and Jessie.

Little Green Army Men.

Pluto is next.

Chip and Dale on the other side.

Clarabelle and Horace.


Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Cogsworth and Lumiere. I didn’t photograph Beauty and Beast well.

Snowgies for Frozen.

More Frozen characters – Kristoff and Sven, Elsa, Olaf and Anna.

Ratatouille is next.

Remy and Emile.

Collette and Linguini.

Coco passes Tigger.

The Coco family.

Miguel is on this side.

And Héctor with Dante.

Randall for Monsters, Inc.

Another Monsters, Inc. side.

Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Zootopia characters.

Nick can be seen on the right hand side with Clawhauser.

Moana and Maui.


Pua and Hei Hei.

Princess and the Frog.

Snow White.

Dopey is on this side.

Peter Pan characters include Wendy.

Mr. Smee.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

Wreck-It Ralph. This side includes Ralph and Vanellope, the other one visible includes Fix-it Felix.

Finding Dory.

Hank is on this side.

Here are the gondolas on the line as they head back and forth from Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

And heading to Tower of Terror.

The Disney Skyliner gondolas look fantastic, really colorful and vibrant on the line. There is no exact date given for them to open yet, but we are still looking at at least a few more months or more (fall).