Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney’s Coronado Springs Photo Update Including Gran Destino Tower, June 2019

Hi everyone!

This will be my last general update of the construction of the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort as it is set to open in less than a month now (July 9th, 2019). Three Bridges Bar and Grill has now opened. I will be posting a few photos of it here, but I will be saving most for a more detailed look at the restaurant and a few food items (and one drink). That should be up tomorrow! Our last update was in May.

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The sign for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort still has a cover, I am looking forward to seeing what the new sign will look like.

The weather was grey when we arrived, and it got a lot nicer soon after. But this will be the new front entrance to Disney’s Coronado Springs.

There is still some work to be done at the entrance for next month’s grand opening. There will be a 2-story lobby.

This side looks finished.

The map outside for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort still does not mention Three Bridges or Gran Destino. I expect that will change next month.

Yesterday was beautiful after the rain stopped. The tower blends in with El Centro as the colors were muted last year on the original building.

Here is another look.

The walkway past the Gran Destino Tower is currently closed.

I mentioned last article that I hadn’t been sure if El Centro would keep its name, but apparently yes.

There is a sign for Villa Del Lago and Three Bridges Bar and Grill here. Actually, it only mentions Villa Del Lago as does the sign above. The server said to think of the entire dining area as Three Bridges Bar and Grill, but it feels like eventually it will settle into the name that is emblazoned on the building.

The entire complex is called Villa Del Lago, but it encompasses just the three dining areas next to each other. When no conventions or groups are holding any of the dining areas, then they seem to be open to everyone (like yesterday). The hours begin at 4:30pm.

The trash cans are even themed now to the Gran Destino Tower.

There are three bridges that cross Lago Dorado now, which is really nice since it allows guests to get to their rooms and other locations faster.

This is one of the bridges.

Villa Del Lago is on the right hand side of the bridge here.

On each bridge, there is a covered seating area.

Villa Del Lago/Three Bridges Bar and Grill.

This is the sign for Villa Del Lago, we’ve seen it here for months.

The food menu is small, but what we had was excellent. Drinks are creative. Notice even the menu says Villa Del Lago.

I will show the restaurant and some food tomorrow, but what is fun here is the Scrooge comics. I believe these are from The Seven Cities of Cibola by Carl Barks. Considering the large pool at the Dig Site is called The Lost City of Cibola, it is a fun reference.

Since we can’t go too close to the Gran Destino Tower right now, here are some photos from farther away.

The covered walkway to the current main building looks much more finished than a few weeks ago.

This is the view from some of the tables at Villa Del Lago.

Here is a look at one of the bridges.

This tv screen in Three Bridges Bar and Grill shows the Gran Destino Tower.

Looking at corners of the Gran Destino Tower and Villa Del Lago.

We showed you this signage from afar last month. It looks really nice.

The Dig Site even has a swimming pool on it.

We walked to a different angle to look at the Gran Destino Tower.

This is a closer look at the covered walkway.

Those beautiful orange flowers have been at the resort forever. I hope they stay, even though orange isn’t really a theme with the buildings anymore.

We went as far as we could go here.

And it was time to go! I will be sharing our late lunch at Villa Del Lago/Three Bridges Bar and Grill tomorrow and will link it here. The food and my sangria were wonderful, and I look forward to going back soon.

We look forward to sharing the Gran Destino Tower when it opens as well, it’s just around the corner now.