Overview of Three Bridges Bar & Grill (Including Food) at Villa Del Lago, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Hi everyone!

A few days back, we visited Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa Del Lago as part of a stop at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort to visit a friend. Three Bridges Bar & Grill opened last week in the center of Lago Dorado, one of many additions/changes to Disney’s Coronado Springs that will culminate in the opening of the Gran Destino Tower on July 9th, 2019. The Gran Destino Tower will also serve as the new entry for Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

I mentioned in my construction update from last week that there is very little mention of Three Bridge Bar & Grill around Villa Del Lago. The server said to think of the whole complex as Three Bridges, it comprises several dining areas next to each other that feel like the same restaurant. But I really think of it as Villa Del Lago because that is what almost everything says.

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Here is our video and then photos and information!

There is a sign for Villa Del Lago at the end of each of the three bridges that now cross Lago Dorado.

The food menu is pretty small, which we will show later (less restaurant, more lounge). But what we had was excellent. Hours are 4:30 p.m. through midnight. Only Villa Del Lago is mentioned here.

This is also a bridge/walkway – a much needed one – between El Centro and the Ranchos and Cabanas. There are three bridges crossing across Lago Dorado now, hence the restaurant name.

We are talking the walkway here to Villa Del Lago.

Each bridge has benches in the center.

Villa Del Lago.

There is a menu outside that says Villa Del Lago.

Text messaging is used for reservations. When we arrived at 4:30 p.m., there was no line but there was a 45 minute or so wait when we left. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is a convention resort first and foremost, with one of the largest one-story resort convention centers in the southeast. The day we met our friend, there was a huge convention that had just checked in, and it kept the restaurant hopping.

The first couple of photos are of the restaurant from my seat.

The bar.

Our menu. There is Three Bridges Bar & Grill mentioned on it, but it’s pretty small.

Sangrias are made in house.

There are a number of specialty cocktails.

And a small menu of shareables and entrees. There are also two desserts. Because the entrees and shareables were about the same price, we just went with two entrees (and then a dessert).

My rosé sangria was very refreshing. It’s nice to have a middle ground between red and white sangria.

In the table, it looks like a hidden Mickey.

On the Disney site, it says that “Your story unfolds at a lakefront restaurant inspired by dreamers, adventurers and explorers. And that the restaurant, like the resort, “evokes a bygone era in which intersecting travelers share epic tales over food and drink”. So the artwork represents that, as does the rest of the decor.

I believe the Scrooge McDuck comics here are all from Carl Barks – The Seven Cities of Cibola. It makes sense considering the pool is called the Lost City of Cibola pool and that has not changed.

There is also artwork here of Villa Del Lago, which we received a postcard of later (and I will show that at the end of the article).

Here is an up-close look.

Here are another three comic pages.

Looking to my right is the bar and then the artwork is to the left.

The Gran Destino Tower view from Villa Del Lago. We are just a few weeks from it opening now!

There are nice views from this long table.

This is a view of El Centro.

Here is more seating, there are a variety of different table sizes and seat types.

Even though it was a hot day, the restaurant felt comfortable.

Further back, looking out on Gran Destino.

I mentioned there are several dining (and meeting) areas. Disney says about this, The Art Garden Court is a serene meeting space that features kinetic wind sculptures and 40 seats. The Palm Court has a fire pit and accommodates up to 50 Guests with lounge seating. Conventioneers can use the ample room to gather and mingle.

This is the fire pit.

Some of the seats are going to be cushier than others.

The others. 🙂

Villa Del Lago has a lot of earth tones to it, quite a bit of brown and some beige, etc.

The bar as seen from a different direction. The lights are really nice.

The restaurant felt like it had been in operation forever, very seamless. The service wasn’t fast for us, but the server was friendly and knowledgeable, and we weren’t in a hurry. This is the Villa Del Lago Salad, with arugula and frisee, warm Yukon potatoes, white beans, asparagus, and sherry vinaigrette. It cost just $3.00 more to add skirt steak, which was excellent – a very nice flavor to it. There is also a skirt steak entree. The potatoes were a nice touch.

I ordered the Three Bridges Signature Burger, with crispy potato, manchego cheese, roasted garlic-lemon aioli, arugula, and tomato. Paprika fries are on the side or fruit. This is a really great burger, one of the better ones I’ve had at Walt Disney World recently. Pricewise, for $16.00 it isn’t inexpensive but it’s on the lower end of many table service burgers for very good quality.

The burger was a decent size, the fries on the smaller side but I wasn’t wanting for more either.

The Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart includes compressed pineapple and tropical sorbet. I thought this was just okay, you really want to mix the sorbet, pineapple and tart together because the tart itself was a little bland. I think there was a little brown sugar too. I would rather take the dessert money and use it toward a shareable item.

The decor is supposed to be from exploration, which you can see in maps and the various types of lighting and even mirrors here.

Looking up at the mirrors.

This appears to be the sangrias.

There is a full bar.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is represented here by the Gran Destino Tower mostly, with the current “main building” to the right. That will still be used for dining, shopping, heading into the convention area and more. But it is much smaller in scale than the Gran Destino.

It doesn’t look much different in real life.

Beers on tap.

Another view of the restaurant.

This is not a huge area, but a decent size for a lounge.

There are a lot of great views from the open location.

Maximum occupancy is 550.

We showed this new signage a while ago when it was installed.

El Centro is still the name for the main area of the resort.

I mentioned The Lost City of Cibola pool earlier.

This is one of the most unique pools on property, with a five-story Mayan pyramid. I mentioned conventions earlier – there are times when there aren’t any. And that could be a GREAT time to snag a Gran Destino tower room (because those are new and right now reasonably priced) and enjoy some time in this pool.

The signage mentions Villa Del Lago, not Three Bridges (as you could see almost everything does).

When we arrived to the resort, it was very rainy but it became a perfect day.

And here is the postcard that features Villa Del Lago.

Our friend was leaving Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort on Magical Express just after 4:00 p.m., which was perfect for us to head over to Villa Del Lago/Three Bridges. The location is relaxed, and the food was overall great (the tart was just so-so, but not everything can be a home run). I look forward to heading back soon. Definitely realize, as I mentioned a couple of times, that this is a major convention hotel and that could keep Villa Del Lago very busy – and rooms in the complex can be also held off for groups. I was told it is also possible for groups to book the entire Villa Del Lago complex. I don’t know how you’d know that ahead of time. But we found the experience really nice, with good food and atmosphere. This is definitely a recommend from me!