Review: 2020 Engagement Calendar from Thomas Kinkade Studios

Hi everyone!

While I often review books that are sent to me from publishers, sometimes I review what I purchase as well. In this case, I bought the Thomas Kinkade Studios: 2020 Engagement Calendar. This is the second time I’ve purchased one of their engagement calendars. What I just noticed is that a lot of the artwork is newer – some are Thomas Kinkade originals, but after his passing there has continued to be beautiful works of art created. The 2020 Thomas Kinkade Studios: Engagement Calendar features about 50 different pieces of artwork on the pages, including Mickey and Minnie near the Eiffel Tower.

Pages supplied to Amazon from Thomas Kinkade Studios

I am not someone who uses a phone or computer for keeping my dates straight, I always use a real calendar for events and other notable dates. For under $10.00 shipped from Amazon (prices and availability can fluctuate), I received a nicely bound book with areas to add entries every day. And again, there are about 50 pages of art – a lot of it has Mickey and Minnie in different locations, but there is also Beauty and the Beast; Peter Pan; Snow White; Cinderella and more. The price point on this engagement calendar is extremely attractive. I mentioned this is the second one I have purchased – the first was 2018. Earlier this year, I tried to buy a 2019 version but it was sold out.

I recommend the Thomas Kinkade Studios: 2020 Engagement Calendar for anyone who likes this style engement calendar and Disney art. You can’t beat the combination and price. It also would make a wonderful gift. It just came out a few days earlier than this article, and I’m glad I remembered to order it this year!

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