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Pepe by José Andrés at Disney Springs Offers Spanish Sandwiches in a Quick Service Location

Hi everyone!

Pepe by José Andrés opened with (the table service restaurant) Jaleo at Disney Springs earlier this year, and Jeff was invited to sample some of the sandwiches and other items available at the quick-service location a few days ago. We’ve been to Jaleo but not yet to Pepe, which serves counter service Spanish sandwiches, sangria, salads, ice cream and more. The restaurant is part of the Jaleo location, very easy to find at the Disney Springs West Side – Jaleo is shaped like a giant artichoke. Pepe has been a staple in Washington D.C. as a food truck for over six years, and this is the first bricks and mortar location.

This is the Pepe by José Andrés entrance, with the “J” from the large Jaleo table service restaurant to the right.

Jaleo is known partly for the sangria, and that is the same with Pepe. Sangría Roja can be purchased by the glass or carafe.

There are a variety of different sandwiches that the group sampled, including the Super Flauta ($22.00). Sandwiches have a pretty wide price range, and this one comes with Paletilla Ibérica de Bellota and tomate fresco on an 18” flauta. The Spanish ham is 3 year cured from the Ibérica pig, which is fed with acorns. The meat is very high quality (as is the bread).

This is the Bikini de Jamón y Queso, which is a favorite with kids. It includes ham, cheese and mustard.

There is a vegetable sandwich (below) called Bocata de Vegetales, with roasted peppers, onion, asparagus, eggplant, spinach, manchego cheese, mojo picon. Like other similar sandwiches, it comes in different sizes and prices. Without the cheese, it is vegan. The most popular sandwich is the Pepito Ternera, which includes a 48 hour marinated flat iron steak, thinly sliced. The prices range on the sandwich between $14 and $52, depending on price. The sandwich is the one I will order in the near future, it also includes caramelized onion, cheese, mayonnaise, and roasted green pepper.

These sandwiches are on pan de cristal, which is imported from Spain.

Jeff liked the Pollo Frito ($12) best, it is a very popular chicken sandwich – marinated for 24 hours and then breaded. It includes breaded chicken breast, piparra peppers, gem lettuce, alioli, the spicy Brava Sauce and sherry dressing.

There are also two fresh salads available, along with other items including gazpacho and a very unique version of patatas bravas that has kettle style chips.

Besides the chicken sandwich, the ice cream was a highlight for Jeff. The Leche Merengada includes sweetened milk, cinnamon and lemon. We may even pick some up tomorrow so I can try it, he really enjoyed the ice cream here a lot. Then there is a seasonal sorbet – you can’t go wrong with ice cream here.

Pepe by José Andrés offers Spanish food (with some of the items imported from Spain) in a counter service setting. What I love about Disney Springs dining is that there is something for everyone, with a variety of different flavors – and this year Jaleo and Pepe by José Andrés brought something new to Disney Springs with authentic Spanish dishes.