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2019 Halloween Decorations Arrive at Magic Kingdom Including Themed Pumpkins and Scarecrows (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

The Magic Kingdom is now fully decorated for Halloween, incuding the themed pumpkins on Main Street and scarecrows in Town Square. There are some new pumpkins this year as well! I love the storytelling aspect of many of the pumpkins as well as the scarecrows. Here are 100+ photos from today! We will have much more Halloween in a few days after the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

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Here is our video of the decorations and then photos with descriptions.

This is the front entrance (Main Street Railroad Station).

Mickey pumpkins wreaths are all over Main Street, Town Square, the hub, and here in the front of the park.

Garland, wreaths, banners and more can be found on the buildings as always.

These pumpkins used to be at the front entrance, but have been inside for at least a few years now.

My first stop was upstairs at the railroad station, looking toward Cinderella Castle. It is a great view.

I usually take a photo through the fence.

In Town Square, scarecrows are back. They resemble the Citizens of Main Street as well as some Cast Members.

The Main Street Philharmonic band leader is here.

A Main Street Philharmonic band member.

A Cast Member from the Main Street Bakery in scarecrow form, dumping sugar.

One of the Citizens of Main Street.

She is in almost all purple.

A Main Street Emporium Cast Member holds a bag and a doll.

The doll is a pumpkin with Mickey ears.

Casey’s Corner is represented.

And a Cast Member from the Confectionery holds treats.

The Mayor of Main Street is here.

He carries a stopwatch with a pumpkin Mickey on it.

Looking up at garland at City Hall.

The directional restroom pumpkin has been here for a number of years, though I think it took a year off last year due to work on the firehouse. I was suprised to see it so big on my social media today when I posted a photo.

Here it is up close, it points to the restrooms next to City Hall.

The Main Street Firehouse has other fun pumpkins too, including a dalmatian.

And next to it, a fire hydrant.

Here is a look at the Main Street Firehouse with the pumpkins.

There is a barbershop quartet on top of the Harmony Barber Shop.

A snowman pumpkin has been here for years on top of the Confectionery.

These pumpkins have as well.

The Confectionery does have a couple of themed pumpkins as well.

But first, across the way is a crazed pumpkin at the Main Street Emporium.

And a Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreath.

The Confectionery does have a Halloween display or two now.

And at the Main Street Emporium, I believe this pumpkin with fangs is new. I am not showing every pumpkin and not even every new one, but this was fun.

The Main Street Confectionery has two themed pumpkins here. One had too much glare in the morning.

The other is a lollipop. I will show the other when I can get a good photo of it.

Looking up at a banner.

I don’t remember this winking pumpkin.

The former Main Street Cinema has a pumpkin themed for its history.

This pumpkin has been here for years, a Mickey film strip.

The Dapper Dans were out in their autumn costumes.

These pumpkins always remind me of Wizard of Oz and I say that every year!

I don’t remember this one and I’m not sure if it is a ghost or what.

Pumpkins in front of the Charlie Ridgway window.

Looking across the way.

A spider pumpkin.

I always call this a Skellington key pumpkin.

A witch is on this pumpkin.

The pumpkins from further away.

The watch pumpkin is hidden pretty well right now.

It is a watch, but currently behind a curtain. That should change and I will photograph it when it does.

Another pumpkin looks happy.

This pumpkin has lipstick.

Head down Center Street for more pumpkins.

This building is art themed, so the pumpkins here are as well.

There is a paintbrush.

And this building is music themed.

A wreath for fall.

Uptown Jewelers always has a ring pumpkin.

The engagement ring pumpkin is high up on the building.

There are two pumpkins in the Roy E. Disney family windows. He was an avid yachtsman. One pumpkin has a sailboat, the other a Disney Cruise Line symbol.

Another interesting pumpkin.

A pumpkin in front of the Al Weiss window.

And where Hall of Champions used to be, there are new pumpkins. A couple of years ago, this building was themed to House of Magic (there is no magic).

There is a pumpkin with a rabbit.

Another has a deck of cards.

Another has a crystal ball.

And a wand. It is nice to see new themed pumpkins this year!

The Main Street Trolley has autumn decor.

Mickey with Cinderella Castle in view.

The Ice Cream Parlor has ice cream themed pumpkins.

An ice cream cone.

Several pumpkins above.

Two ice cream cones.

Another cone.

There is also an ice cream sundae.

There are several singing pumpkins above the Plaza Restaurant.

Casey’s Corner.

Hot dog pumpkin.

Baseball bats.

French fries.

This one always looks like Mickey to me.

Looking up at Casey’s Corner.

The Main Street Trolley Show was about to begin.

Looking toward Cinderella Castle.

Walt and Mickey with a pumpkin wreath behind them.

Looking toward Casey’s from this angle.

Mary Poppins was riding in a Main Street car.

The character displays aren’t up this year at the Main Street Emporium, those were my favorite. There are characters on signs instead.

Some of the merchandise we’ve seen in our other update.

The Citizens of Main Street stopped by.

The Loungefly purse seemed to be a favorite.

He didn’t seem as sure on the pumpkin hat.

And we were on our way out after an hour and a half of photographing Main Street!

See Ya Real Soon.

We will be posting plenty soon from Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which kicks off Friday!