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“Disney On Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures” Debuts at Amway Center with New Characters, Updated Stories

Hi everyone!

Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures debuted last night at the Amway Center! The show features new stories, new characters and with more guest participation than ever before. We have partnered with Disney on Ice for about seven years now and I always look forward to the new shows. What makes Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures different is how current some of the stories are. For example, there is a Toy Story 4 segment as expected. But Disney on Ice has featured Aladdin for many years, and now the scenes feature the newer live-action Aladdin (including the new song “Speechless”). And instead of Mary Poppins, the opening segment is based on Mary Poppins Returns. The show is inspired by a variety of older and newer films, animated and not.

Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures plays this weekend in Orlando before moving onto Sunrise, Miami and other cities this year. Here is a look from last night! All photos were taken by me.

Photos by Denise Preskitt, Mousesteps

Being invited, we are allowed to post 3 minutes total of video. We chose a portion of the Toy Story 4 segment. I was looking forward to seeing Forky, but then Ducky and Bunny came out and they were very popular!

Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures begins with a fantastic Mary Poppins Returns segment. This is my favorite segment of the entire show, though there are a lot of great moments. The only downside to showing this first was that a lot of guests were still arriving and it took my attention away from the ice.

There is a lot going on during the Mary Poppins Returns segment, including performers on bicycles and climbing street lamps. It really is one of my favorites of any Disney on Ice show.

Mickey and Minnie arrive.

Disney on Ice says about this vehicle (that is carrying Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy), that it is a “specially-designed vehicle driven by Mickey Mouse or one of his pals, stopping at favorite Disney destinations, such as Motunui, the North Mountain and Metroville”. Note the Mickey headlights! And the Incredibles come out to help slow the vehicle down.

Frozen was so popular when it debuted in theaters that it received its own show. Frozen still gets segments in other shows, and Olaf always seems to get the most applause in each show we go to.

Olaf with Anna and Kristoff on the ice.

Another difference with Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures – more aerial acts. That includes Elsa (and later Jasmine).

Elsa and Anna finish the Frozen segment.

The Lion King segment features a lovely skating pairing with Simba and Nala, among other performances.

The Toy Story 4 segment opens the second portion of the show (after an intermission).

Jessie, Woody and Buzz are classic characters in this segment.

New are Ducky and Bunnie, as well as Bo Peep in her current form.

Duke Caboom makes quite an entrance.

And Forky, of course, is here.

Forky gets carried off by Woody at the end of the segment.

Don’t expect a lot of Forky in the show, but this is a fun segment with a variety of characters.

The Aladdin section is based on the new film.

Genie is the new Genie, and the Aladdin segment includes vibrant costumes.

Jasmine took to the air.

And at the end of the show, a lot of princesses take the stage.

Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Belle, Merida and more.

And other characters eventually join them. I’ll mention also that there are screens that move around during the performances, I don’t remember that before.

If you get a chance to experience Disney on Ice presents Road Trip Adventures, I do recommend it. I always look forward to September and the newest Disney on Ice show. We are given tickets to write about it, but we would otherwise buy them on our own – it has become a tradition to be at the first show and that wouldn’t change.

Here is the original press release from May that gives more information! And thanks to Disney on Ice for having us out.


ELLENTON, Fla., May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Feld Entertainment Inc., the worldwide leader in live touring family entertainment, is proud to announce Disney On Ice presents Road Trip Adventures, the most participatory and innovative production in ice show history.  Debuting this Fall, Disney On Ice’s newest installment will allow families to participate in an immersive road trip to create a multi-generational experience with stories brought to life through inventive, theatrical performances.

Disney On Ice presents Road Trip Adventures will feature the highly anticipated Toy Story 4, live action Aladdin and The Lion King along with classic tales and hit cinema releases including Mary Poppins Returns, Frozen, Moana and more. Premiering in Orlando on Friday, September 6, 2019, the 2-year, 60-city tour includes stops at major arenas in Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York City in 2019, followed by Boston, Chicago and Dallas in 2020.  Tickets go on sale on May 21, 2019, for all 2019 engagements; preferred customers can purchase now at

“As a parent, I know how valuable time with your kids is and how increasingly more challenging it has become to not only carve out that time, but also to make those moments as memorable as possible,” said Nicole Feld, Executive Vice President and the Producer for Feld Entertainment. “That’s why with this production, we wanted to design an atmosphere where families come together and interact with the performance to create something truly special. By the time the finale ends, more audience members than cast will have been on the ice creating family memories that can only happen at Disney On Ice.”

While guests prepare to hit the road with Mickey Mouse and his friends for a high-octane ride, tour guides will engage and greet the audience for the adventure in store. Families will become an integral part of the narrative no matter where they are sitting through a variety of participatory elements built into the production, such as in-audience dance moments, a show-stopping version of Road Trip Karaoke and Toy Story 4 carnival games that everyone in the audience plays.  Throughout it all, more than 50 guests will be placed at the center of the action on the ice when families are invited to ride in small groups in a specially-designed vehicle driven by Mickey Mouse or one of his pals, stopping at favorite Disney destinations, such as Motunui, the North Mountain and Metroville. 

Through magical storytelling and shared live experiences, families and friends will journey together alongside their tour guides as their memories are captured to form a larger-than-life scrapbook of adventures on video screens integrated into the set. The audience comes together to help The Incredibles save the day as Dash’s speed brings fire to the ice and thrilling aerial bungee enhances Elastigirl’s powers. Guests are shrunk down to toy size to help Woody and the gang join forces with Bo Peep to find new pal, Forky.

“No matter how you define your family, Road Trip Adventures encourages everyone to disconnect from their daily lives to reconnect with one another,” said Patty Vincent, Creative Director for Disney On Ice. “The arena is our canvas, and we use that space to create a 360-degree experience that brings the heart of the show closer to families by stretching the performance area beyond the ice into the air and into the audience.”

Memorable characters will be introduced to the next generation, giving the audience magical elements that connect with everyone. From the foggy city of London with Mary Poppins Returns to the mystical city of Agrabah in Aladdin, family favorites come to life in a multi-generational celebration. Fans will experience iconic music that has evolved with their family from a new contemporary arrangement of “A Whole New World” to songs brand new to Disney On Ice like “He Lives in You.” “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” is taken to new heights as lamplighters on flying vertical poles are lifted into the air and performers climb to create intricate shapes with their bodies using nothing but their own strength.  

This show seamlessly blends innovative technology with classic theatrical elements, elevating the audience’s live ice show experience. Vibrant costumes and wearable art infuse life into majestic giraffes, flamingos and animals that roam the Pride Lands of Africa in The Lion King. Extending the show beyond the ice, aerial artists and acrobats dynamically enhance the storytelling throughout the show. In a showcase moment, Elsa explores the depths of her power as her palace rises as a kinetic sculpture from the ice with the use of scrims created by flexible LED panels, and aerialists transform into human snowflakes within a double lyra.  Inspired by the live action movie, The Prince Ali parade will be awash in bold colors and opulent costumes that enhance the athletic choreography and performers demonstrating extreme physical flexibility in this princely processional.  

Visit for the shows and dates coming to an arena in your hometown. Stay current on the latest developments through social media, including instructions on how to access presale codes for future Disney On Ice productions: