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Disney’s Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Display Opens, Celebrates Ten Years (Photos, Video)

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort Gingerbread display – inspired by Disney Legend Mary Blair and “It’s a small world” – turns ten this year! Over the years, the display has changed to offer a Frozen version and currently it’s themed to Cinderella – but still on that same backdrop. And for the 10th anniversary, there are ten special nods to those previous versions.

There was a ceremony this morning, which included the pastry team and Chip & Dale. Here are photos and video from today!

All photos by Denise Preskitt, Mousesteps

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The gingerbread display is again against the large window that leads outside on the fourth floor Grand Canyon councourse. It is not in a high-traffic area, but it’s easy to find if you are looking.

Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes led his team in the creation of the display, which began this year in July.

Here is our full video and then the rest of the article.

Walt Disney World Ambassador Marilyn West spoke.

There was a family selected to cut the ribbon and place gingerbread Mickeys on the display.

A members of the pastry team helped put the Mickeys on.

The ribbon was cut!

Marilyn poses with Chip.

There was a photo op for the pastry team and some guests. Chip and Dale pose with pastry chef Jeff Barnes.

Chip and Dale actually had a little extra time for posing.

One more shot.

Here are the stats on Disney’s Contemporary Resort Gingerbread display. It incudes 637 pounds of sugar snow, 423 pounds of honey, 388 pounds of flour, 26 pounds of spices, 119 eggs, 38 pounds of modeling chocolate, 47 pounds of rolled fondant, 57 pounds of royal icing, with 5000 decorative shingles. It also has 10 hidden symbols from “Frozen” and “it’s a small world” as well as 9 Hidden Mickeys!

Here is one of the symbols from “it’s a small world”.

Another one is in another location on the display, and you can see the famous five-legged goat.

Elsa is near a hidden Mickey.

There is a variety of treats and merchandise sold next to the display.

This is one of the most popular items, the Linzer Cookie.

I believe chef Jeff told me that the Gingerbread Boy was the most popular item last year.

There is a gluten free Gingerbread Boy.

We bought a Gingerbread Shingle today.

The Chocolate Peppermint Cookie is also a favorite of mine.

This is a Tree Shape Sugar Cookie.

Here is a look at all the items.

This special box includes 4 smaller versions of four popular cookies.

There is also a beautiful pin to commemorate this year.

The inside features the Fairy Godmother.

There is a special mug with the Fairy Godmother on it.

Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes signs the pins during various time frames.

The Fairy Godmother joins Cinderella and Prince Charming on the display, and there is a glass slipper again this year. The gingerbread Christmas tree next to her hearkens back to the early displays.

It was a nice morning to celebrate the kickoff of the holiday season at Walt Disney World!

We will be sharing much more around Walt Disney World in the coming weeks.