Book Review: “How Does the Show Go On The Frozen Edition: An Introduction to the Theater”

Hi everyone!

We received the book “How Does the Show Go On The Frozen Edition: An Introduction to the Theater (A Disney Theatrical Souvenir Book)” to review. The book will release November 5th, 2019. This is the third edition of the book that is written by president of Disney Theatrical Group Thomas Schumacher with Jeff Kurtti. While How Does the Show Go On The Frozen Edition is recommended for kids aged 9-12, the appeal will be much wider. This is actually a terrific souvenir book for us as we’ve seen some of the performers and performances in person. That said, the book does not focus on just Frozen (even though it mentions it in the title). Keep reading for my review!

Thomas Schumacher handles the intro, and then the book goes into the basics. This really is an introduction to theater, just as it states in the title. There are probably a couple of hundred or more photos within it, as the book answers the question “What’s Theater?”, explains the various kinds of shows like Broadway and Off-Broadway, styles of theaters and more. There is information in the book that is new to me. It also explains going to the theater and choosing from the various locations – orchestra, mezzanine, etc.

The book moves on to who creates aspects of the theater. For example, Jennifer Lee is the playwright for Frozen (both the musical and the movies). There are fun and interesting aspects to the Disney shows that I didn’t know, like that Elton John wrote the melody to “Circle of Life” in 10 minutes.

The Frozen set design progression is shown in a couple of pages, and there are pages on costuming and makeup, much of which is elaborate in a Disney theatrical presentation. “Act Two” of the book focuses on performing, both adults and “A Day in the Life of a Child Performer”. Rooms backstage including the wardrobe room and wig room are discussed. And Sven in Frozen was almost cut, because the puppet was so complex to create – that is shown as a two-page study in how the puppeteer becomes Sven.

Special effects are touched upon – there are live fireworks in Aladdin each night, along with other effects and illusions in various Disney shows.

There is a check list if you want to create your own production!

How Does the Show Go On The Frozen Edition: An Introduction to the Theater is written on a level that does aim for the kids who will read it, but teens and adults who like the theater will likely enjoy it too. And remember it isn’t only about Frozen – the photos and information encompass a variety of shows. The only issue I have with the book is the way the cover folds out in two parts from the middle – just like Jeff Kurtti’s From All of Us to All of You The Disney Christmas Card (Disney Editions Deluxe), which is a terrific book but I’m not a fan of the cover folding out as it does.


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