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“Frozen 2” Preview with Maquette Display Now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Frozen 2 will release into theaters on November 22nd, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is offering a 10-minute preview as well as a maquette display that features the main characters. Back in 2013, we shared a much larger concept art display for the original Frozen, which was at that time in the former Magic of Disney Animation building. It is nice to see a display even if it is a lot smaller than it normally was. We did watch the 10 minute preview, it wasn’t enough to let me know if I’d like the new film as much as the original. But the characters are so popular now that it doesn’t have to be the same or better. Here are the photos from today!

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Walt Disney Presents does have a marquee for the Frozen 2 sneak peek.

Banners are outside.

There are two sides to this with various maquettes.

Here is our video and then photos!

It is also very blue. The characters here are Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and Grandpapi Troll.

This is the Anna maquette.


There is a sign next to Anna here.

It gives information on the film. It says, “the maquettes represent the characters who ultimately show that love is the strongest bond”.


Anna and Elsa artwork with the Sven maquette.

Artwork for the film.

Grandpapi Troll.



The doors to the preview have Frozen 2 signage.


It is a nice addition before seeing the film preview.

We will have much more coverage of Frozen 2 in the coming weeks!