New Epcot Bypass Photos (with Disney Characters) as Transformation of Park Continues

Hi everyone!

We were at Epcot during the day on New Year’s Eve, and the new bypass on the west side of the park was open. As of this writing it has been closed for a couple of days, but that will change soon as work continues at the front entrance. There are characters along the walls, including from Moana in preparation for the upcoming walk-through attraction experience Journey of Water. Here is a look at the bypass!

This is our video and then photos.

I started near The Seas pavilion. The bypass runs between here and the front entrance.

The Seas is on the left, the wall can be seen ahead on the right.

Heihei can be seen several times on the wall, as can Epcot symbols.

This is the first Heihei I found.

Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo is on the wall.

“Begin Your Journey” with Moana.

Heihei is in the R here as well.

More Moana characters can be seen.

Heihei is back, on the head of Pua.

The Kakamora are next.


Crush is here.

“Dive into the Seas”.

The bypass

Squirt, Nemo and Pearl.

Next up while walking are characters from Finding Dory.

Gerald and other sea lions from Finding Dory.

And Peach from Finding Nemo.

“The Magic of Possiblity”.

Epcot symbols.

Edna Mode.

At the front entrance, you can see where the walkway starts.

There is also an entrance/exit here by the restrooms.

And the walkway back.

A monorail passes over the Epcot symbols.

It is always fun to see a little something on the walls during construction. And I look forward to seeing the front entrance finished and then each piece of the transformation as it happens.