Photo and Video Tour of Epcot MouseGear Store (Now Closed for Remodel)

Hi everyone!

MouseGear as we know it at Epcot is now closed as part of the overall transformation of Epcot. A temporary store is opening today while the former location goes through a re-imagining/remodel. I remember vaguely when MouseGear opened, replacing the two-story Centorium – the Millennium Celebration had so much going on including new Illuminations, Tapestry of Nations, Millennium Village, a remodeled Innoventions and more. MouseGear opening was just part of that.  We made one last visit to the large store on Friday night. I’ve been in MouseGear hundreds of times through the years but hadn’t phototographed it as much until now. The design really threw itself into the theme of gears and of Disney characters. It will be interesting to see if anything is kept. Here are photos and video of the store!

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This is our video tour showing fun elements of the former MouseGear.

There were several entrances to MouseGear, this one is along the playground.

And one of the other entrances headed into the merchandise for kids, where some of the fun character designs were.

Disney characters line the walls. Donald and Goofy, along with hidden Mickeys.


Donald with a hidden Mickey.

Minnie and in the foreground, gears in a hidden Mickey shape.


Minnie and Pluto.


And here is Mickey with a hidden Mickey to the right – and gears in his head. There was really a lot of thought put into the design.

Another hidden Mickey.

Above, there was a hand with a wand (which reminds me of the former Spaceship Earth wand).

The wand had a star on it. I think this used to move as well.

Mickey’s hand.

The star.

I don’t know what will happen with this part of the Dreamcatcher.

Donald Duck and other characters were in silhouette above.

There was a lot going on at various levels in the store to look at.

The Centorium had allowed guests to access a second level. There is still an elevator.

Artwork included gears.

There were gears at the entrance/exit.

Here is a wider look at some of the store.

Behind the registers there were gears and characters.

Everything had an interesting design to it.

The garland had gears.

Another hidden Mickey.

Goofy in a gear.

Mickey in another gear.

The Dreamcatcher from this side along with more design.

Here is a look down one of the aisles.

This is another hidden Mickey.

From outside, you can see gears all over – to the sides of the entrance and then on the ground. The planters were as well.

Some shirts along with gear artwork.

The carpeting was in theme.

Gears in the design.

Epcot artwork including Figment and Spaceship Earth was behind this register.

These were my favorite character artwork pieces in the store, Goofy and Donald. They were just so interesting.

More characters were above nearby.

Epcot onesies were among the merchandise in this area.

There is a gear here in the ceiling.

A Spaceship Earth design.

And here is a look down another aisle.

I tried to take photos from outside looking into the store but mostly ended up with closing doors, which is appropriate.

MouseGear from outside near the Electric Umbrella.

The windows were always fun.

Here are a few more interior photos.


And one last look outside.

So much at Epcot is changing as the transformation of the park continues!