Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Walk in 160 Photos via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk 2020

This photo walk was posted in January, 2020 before the pandemic closure. I will post an updated walk soon, there are some changes now including the permanent closing of Ample Hills.

Hi everyone!

I planned to post a photo walk update of Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios when the Disney Skyliner was complete but then waited until the new Epcot Guest Relations area was finished (and Christmas decorations taken down from outside Disney’s BoardWalk Resort). I’ve got a list of photo walks I want to do before the weather gets hot in a few months, so hopefully I can keep up! We have been busier and busier over the past year. This particular photo walk I’ve posted many times in different years, but other walks are now vintage – for example, my photo walk of Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) is from 2007! So that will change this year.

What I like about this particular walk and the reason I update it so often is because it is between two parks and includes a lot of restaurants and shops. It is not only a great walk for exercise (which I have done hundreds of times) but also a practical one for getting point to point. There are also the Friendship Boats and now also the Disney Skyliner, but this is generally the quickest way to go from park to park and also offers some nice stops along the way. I timed the walk first and then photographed it, so the timed walk is just a nonstop walk and photos weren’t taken until later. There are about 160 photos here to look at in 2 pages.

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Here is a look at the Epcot International Gateway from the France bridge that connects the United Kingdom to France.

The International Gateway sign in Epcot now mentions the Disney Skyliner.

Friendship Boats are also right outside the gates.

The International Gateway also offers a walk over to Disney’s Beach Club, Disney’s Yacht Club and Disney’s BoardWalk Resorts – where there is quite a bit of dining and shopping options.

This area was redesigned a few months back and looks great! There is more foot traffic in and out of Epcot due to the Disney Skyliner now.

Guests can purchase tickets here and there is also a new Guest Relations lobby.

I am starting my timed walk here. That gives an idea of how long it takes to get not only to Disney’s Hollywood Studios but also to other areas along the BoardWalk. I am starting here at 8:15 a.m. I walk about 3mph.

To the left is the Friendship Boats, which can take longer than walking since they stop at several resort docks on the way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This area is much wider than it used to be to accomodate more guests.

To the right is the Disney Skyliner, which opened last year. I do love taking it and sometimes do to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but by foot it is usually a little quicker and I like getting steps in.

This is the entrance to the Disney Skyliner. On the day I photographed and timed the walk, I took the Disney Skyliner back after photographing (once out of four one-ways).

I still overall prefer walking, and here is a look at the walk as we leave the International Gateway.

We are walking up the hill. There is also a secondary way to go along the water without the longer incline.

We are walking toward the bridge on the left.

We arrive to the bridge at 8:17 a.m.

The bridge allows for nice views both ways.

To the left, you can get a glimpse of France (which has construction now for the upcoming Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and a new creperie).

And to the right, the resorts around Crescent Lake can be seen.

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort has my favorite pool at Walt Disney World in Stormalong Bay. That is to the right. The Dolphin Resort is to the left.

The bridge is bringing us to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort.


Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort is across Crescent Lake.

At this point we’ve walked about five minutes so far. My favorite part of the walk is along the shops and restaurants.

The sign here also now mentions the Disney Skyliner.

I looked up the hill after a surrey bike rode by. They can go pretty fast downhill so it’s something to watch out for.

We are almost to the Walt Disney World BoardWalk.

Just ahead to the right is Sea Breeze Point.

Sea Breeze Point is not always available to walk through – it hosts quite a few small weddings.

But on this day there wasn’t one. Sea Breeze Point offers nice views and is worth a walk-through.

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort is across the way.

The Walt Disney World Dolphin can be seen to the right. It is not a Disney owned property but has a great location.

There is some nice framing to be found here for photos.

And here is the entrance to Sea Breeze Point.

We are back on the way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The view in this direction is of the Walt Disney World BoardWalk Resort. It is part regular resort, part Disney Vacation Club.

The ACCN on the ESPN Club was new to me, it was added recently.


This entire area is branded with ACCN ESPN now.

The ESPN Club offers viewing of sports and a decent sized menu as well.

The familiar fist with barbell.

This is a look at the menu on the day I photographed the walk.

Ample Hills Creamery is coming up on the left hand side.

We are arriving to Ample Hills at 8:21am, 6 minutes after we left the International Gateway area.

Ample Hills Creamery has some of the best ice cream at Walt Disney World. I rarely visit here because I normally walk the BoardWalk in the morning, but there will also be a Disney Springs location soon. There is fun Walt Disney World artwork inside the location too.

I never really noticed this photo booth until a family member took a photo in it a few years back. It is not inexpensive but a cute souvenir.

The BoardWalk Bakery is next. This is a great location to pick up sandwiches, drinks and desserts. It is one of a number of places to go if Epcot was just too crowded for food (fortunately Epcot is huge with tons of food options, but it happens!)

There are A-Frame signs up along Disney’s BoardWalk for various restaurants and shops. I don’t know when they were added but pretty recently. Hours are listed, including breakfast at 6:30am. I am very rarely in this area at that time, but the bakery can get busy in the mornings.

The BoardWalk Bakery was expanded a number of years ago. My first photo walk ever was from Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the BoardWalk was very different in terms of restaurants.

There is seating to the right, and BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas.

BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas was not yet open.

I used to frequent the Pizza Window years ago. It is here outside Trattoria al Forno.

The window used to serve a decent slice of pizza years ago – now they serve personal and large pizzas. I would recommend making a reservation for Via Napoli at Epcot instead, the pizza is fantastic there. But in a pinch, you can get something quick to eat here (depending on the line).

It looked like almost everything runs about $10 and up now.

Turning around, it was a beautiful day on the BoardWalk! Seagulls do visit, especially in the winter so watch for that while eating.

This location has been three restaurants since my photo walks started – Spoodles, Kouzzina by Cat Cora and Trattoria al Forno. Trattoria al Forno has a fun character breakfast, we went two years ago (my review is here). I now think Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort tops it (my review of that is here), but the characters are different (Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Ariel and Eric are at Trattoria al Forno).

BoardWalk To Go has hamburger baskets and other food items. I never have stopped here.

The AbracadaBAR is next. We have been once, it is a nicely themed bar and a nice place to wait before being called to the Flying Fish restaurant.

This is the information outside for AbracadaBAR.

Flying Fish is around the corner, it is a Signature Dining location.

We are passing by the entrance to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort.

The Christmas tree had just been taken down from here a day or two earlier. The lawn is used for recreation.

Next up, Surrey Bike Rentals. I have never rented one of the BoardWalk, but a lot of guests do.

Surrey bikes sit outside.

And across the way is the Promenade Pier. This is one of the stops for the Friendship Boats. At this point, I have taken the Disney Skyliner more than I’ve taken Friendship Boats between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s just easier normally to walk but I do enjoy the ride on the Skyliner.

On page 2, we continue to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!