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Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Sign in Place – Attraction Opens March 4th, 2020

Hi everyone!

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be opening on March 4th, 2020 and the marquee went into place last week! Yesterday I went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and photographed it (with video also below). While it isn’t lit at night yet, Disney did release photos and video showing what it looks like. At night it is where it will really shine, so to speak.

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Here is our video of the marquee, which includes night footage provided by Disney.

Here is a look at the Minnie poster, which also says “Boarding March 4th”.

Disney says of the attraction, The darling duo are taking a leisurely drive to a picnic in their sporty roadster—with Engineer Goofy’s train following merrily along. Plot twist—you get to go, too! Climb aboard a runaway railway and embark on a whirlwind ride through a world where the rules of physics don’t apply. Prepare for unexpected twists, slapstick gags and mind-boggling transformations at every turn, as Mickey and Minnie try to save the day.

And this is the Mickey poster, with the same message. In the background is the new marquee. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be the first ride in any park to feature Mickey Mouse and friends. That is really hard to believe!

The marquee looks really nice by day, but keep looking below for the night photo.

Looking up at the Chinese Theater and Marquee.

There is an A-frame sign directly outside the theater letting guests know when the ride opens.

And here is a look at the marquee at night with Goofy, courtesy of Disney (Abigail Nillson, photographer). It looks really great in the video with the movement!

Are you looking forward to Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway?