New Epcot United Kingdom Merchandise Includes Mickey & Minnie Mug, Apparel and MUCH More

Hi everyone!

I stopped by the Epcot United Kingdom pavilion yesterday and found a LOT of new merchandise – much of it featuring Mickey and Minnie! There were also some newer Rose & Crown items. This is way more than normally will come in for a pavilion at one time – and I always love the World Showcase character merchandise (as well as authentic items from each country). Merchandise is always around for a limited time (be it a month, a year, etc.), but items here are new and hopefully will be around for a while! Here is a look at a lot of what I discovered.

This is the back and front of a unique mug. I did purchase one. The mug part itself isn’t really an item that would be as easily used for drinking as most mugs. I think it will look nice on the shelf with some pencils. But now I kind of want two to see both Mickey and Minnie! The mug costs $24.99.

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Most of the new merchandise is in the Sportsman’s Shoppe. I didn’t even notice everything when I first walked in, the store merchandise layout is very different than a few days ago. And the sports merchandise? That is currently in The Toy Soldier.

This was my view when I walked into the Sportsman’s Shoppe.

There is all kinds of new apparel and a pillow, etc. I will show most of the items.

This Mickey and Minnie shirt is $39.99, it is the same artwork as the mug. A lot of the items have similar.

I love unique luggage tags, and this one features Mickey. There was no price on it, but luggage tags are generally about $7 or $8.

This is an ornament for $24.99.

Mickey and Minnie say “Cheers” and “Hello Mate” on this pillow. $34.99. And of course, you’d want two of these as well.

This is a purse for $39.99.

Mickey with the Union Jack flag for $27.99.

Mickey Mouse “Tally Ho” shirt for $24.99.

“Hello Mate” seems to be a recurring theme on merchandise. Also “Brilliant”. But also there are other icons and phrases like “Mind the Gap” from the London Tube. $24.99.

Mickey Mouse on this shirt, $24.99.

I will call this a waist pack, otherwise the terminology is different in the UK and US. It is Mickey with a London double decker bus. $29.99.

And the back of it.

Minnie Mouse tank top, $39.99.

United Kingdom sweatshirt, $59.99.

The front shows a World Showcase graphic with Mickey.

Front and back of a United Kingdom glass. $14.99.

This shirt for children is $19.99.

Mickey United Kingdom t-shirt for $24.99.

I thought I was finished with the new merchandise, but then I went into Lords and Ladies. (The Robin Hood graphic is just here for the Epcot International Festival of the Arts).

This youth Minnie Mouse with corgi shirt is $24.99.

This Minnie Mouse shirt for women is $39.99.

This floral shirt is $39.99.

This “Brilliant” floral tank is $39.99.

This Minnie Mouse mug is $24.99.

Here is a close-up of Minnie.

Tote bag, $39.99.

United Kingdom Ear Headband with a crown. Most ear headbands are now $29.99.

Here is a close-up on the ear headband.

Again, I thought I was done – but when I went back later to purchase the mug, I noticed more items I’d not seen before. And I do go through the shops regularly, here probably a few days ago last. There is a wall of merchandise in this corner of the store, I didn’t photograph all separately.

I did photograph this one, I thought this tank would be popular. “My crown, my rules”.

And then Rose & Crown Pub merchandise, including “The Pint of No Return”.

A hat and glass.

Shot glasses.

Rose & Crown shirts. Some of this may have been here already, but I don’t recognize most of it.

The “Meet My Friends Fish and Chips” merchandise has been around a while, but I’d only noticed the shirts before. There are more items.

The Rose & Crown tea towels are fun and unique.

I was most drawn to the Epcot 82.

It is on the back of this shirt.

There is a sweatshirt.

Coasters for $19.99.

The back of the coasters.

And sports merchandise in The Toy Soldier!

That is most of the new merchandise I found this visit, it is a LOT. My favorite place at Walt Disney World to shop is World Showcase for the variety of Disney and non-Disney authentic items from various countries.