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New Archway Added to France Expansion at Epcot (Opening Summer 2020 with Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure)

Hi everyone!

A new archway was added to the expansion of Epcot’s France pavilion as we move closer to the summer opening with the attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the table/counter service location La Crêperie de Paris. I also had a little extra time before I had to leave so I took a ride on the Disney Skyliner back and forth from Disney’s Riviera Resort for some photos of the pavilion. Every time I am on the Disney Skyliner, there are new additions to the pavilion – and I ride pretty often.


From the ground at the International Gateway, the expansion has really come together recently.

This is a look at the archway, which is similar to what you might find at a metro in Paris.

The arch can be seen from the Disney Skyliner here.

What I love about Paris (the city) is that art is everywhere – including as part of buildings. And Disney is adding a lot of detail to the facades here.

Looking down, the archway can be seen through the trees. I am glad to see trees as part of the pavilion again.

I can’t wait to walk through this area.

The large Ratatouille fountain is ahead, I’ve shown it in a couple of articles now. And beyond that is the Gusteau’s sign.

Balconies have been added as well as shutters to the facades.

The buildings have the look of “real” Paris but in a more whimsical way with various colors along with roof tiles and such that are more unevenly placed. Whimsical is just the best word I think for it.

The fountain can be seen below.

And here are more photos from the Disney Skyliner.

And also more photos from the ground.

We will be back on the Disney Skyliner Monday – if anything is new. I will post photos! I love riding the Disney Skyliner, and expecially with a view of the France expansion.