Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Photo Walk from March, 2020: 220+ Photos in Tour of Resort

We are heading out of the Cars section.

Turning right, we’ll be heading toward Hourglass Lake.

There is another Route 66 sign ahead.

Hourglass Lake is ahead.

We will be turning left.

Signage points to Animation Hall, The Big Blue Pool and more. The Generation Gap Bridge is where the Disney Skyliner can be found, and we will see that in a bit. I wasn’t sure if the bridge would continue with that name but it has. Originally it would have bridged the Pop Century Legendary Years and the Pop Century Classic Years – literally bridging the generation gap between the two.

I thought this cloud looked like Mickey Mouse.

We are walking past the Cars section on the left and Hourglass Lake on the right.

There are interesting facts about the various films when you walk this way. On this one, it says that everything in the world of the film was inspired by cars – including flowers made of tail lights and insects being Volkswagen Beetles.

In the distance is also Disney’s Pop Century Resort. I like that the two resorts are connected, which gives a large area to walk around.

Buildings have artwork on them based on the theme of the section.

There are a nice amount of benches along the way for resting or just enjoying the view.

A large Yo-Yo can be seen at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

We are still walking along the lake.

To the left, you can see the Finding Nemo section coming into view.

Here is one more sign in the Cars section, telling how Lightning McQueen’s Lightyear tires are a nod to Buzz Lightyear.

Pearl and Nemo are on the side of one building.

There is a lot of signage around the resort in case you get misdirected.

Generation Gap Bridge is close now.

We are walking past another Finding Nemo building.

Generation Gap Bridge is to the right.

There weren’t running trail signs when I first started posting photo walks in 2007. Then a number of years ago, signs went up with a New Balance sponsorship (the sponsorship eventually ended).

New restrooms were added in this location near the Disney Skyliner last year.

The Disney Skyliner station is between Disney’s Art of Animation Resort and Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

The sign gives information about where it goes.

The Disney Skyliner station is ahead.

This is my favorite form of transporation at Walt Disney World now.

A sign points to either Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

We are heading back and then to the right, walking toward The Little Mermaid section.

The restroom building is ahead.

We are passing a building from Finding Nemo on our way to The Little Mermaid.

There are some fun facts about Finding Nemo along the way, including about the boats in Sydney Harbor being named after Pixar employees.

Another bench is ahead on the left.

Artwork from Finding Nemo can be seen on the building to the left.

To the right is Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Squirt and Dory are artwork on the building.

We also are passing by The Lion King section on the way to The Little Mermaid. We will walk through the section lower in the article.

Timon can be seen in drawings on the building.

Pumba and Timon are on the end.

Pumba is on this side.

We are continuing past The Lion King.

This is a fun tidbit though I wish they would capitalize “Scar”, it has been wrong since opening day.

Also, not everyone knows that Walt Disney Animation used to be in Florida as well. That ended with Brother Bear. The coolest memory for me was viewing Lilo and Stitch at Downtown Disney and watching animators clapping for each other during the end credits.

The Little Mermaid is coming into view. It actually has a similar feel to the Finding Nemo section.

We are turning to the left.

And then we will be turning to the right into The Little Mermaid.

Ahead of us are some palm and other trees that separate The Lion King from The Little Mermaid.

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