Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Photo Walk from March, 2020: 220+ Photos in Tour of Resort


This is the one area of the resort with standard rooms, all other rooms are family suites.

The plants here and in the Finding Nemo area look like sea plants and this walk is pretty lush, in contrast to the Cars section.

There are a variety of props from the film, including a dinglehopper (fork).

Also a snarfblatt (pipe).

A treasure chest is on the left.

Prince Eric is at the end of the walkway.

To the left, King Triton is one of three larger-than-life icons.

King Triton is at Building 9.

We are heading to Building 7, where Ariel is.

The fish sculptures are always fun to take photos with.

There is a pool here. Only The Lion King has no pool at the resort.

We are still walking ahead.

There is a long themed bench here.

Colorful fish and sealife can be seen on the buildings.

Ariel and Flounder are in the center of an arch of fish.

Here is a closer look.

Building 8 is on the left side and the pool is to the right.

Ursula will be the large icon here.

More fish sculptures can be found here.

Ursula holds her hands high.

Flotsam and Jetsam flank her.

Sebastian with King Triton in the background.

Here is a closer look on Sebastian.

We are starting to walk out of The Little Mermaid section.

Prince Eric with King Triton in the background.

As we head out from under the sea, we will be seeing the plants and elements change significantly in the distance as we walk toward The Lion King.

The palm trees I showed earlier are the separation.

There is a directory in numerous areas of the resort and we pass one here.

On the end of the buildings, there are decorative rock formations.

There is one more tree here before heading into The Lion King.

Signage points this way to Animation Hall and The Big Blue Pool, we are only about a 5 minute walk from them.

Zazu is the first character we will find.

Zazu is on top of the rocks.

Scar also sits on top of a rock.

There is no pool, but there is a play area here.

The theme is the elephant graveyard, featuring the hyenas Shenzi, Benzai and Ed.

The foliage here is much more lush than any other location at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Mufasa can be seen ahead on Pride Rock.

Timon, Pumba and Simba are on top of a log.

Mufasa is seen ahead.

Giraffes can be seen on this building.

King Mufasa.

Rafiki is on the other side of Pride Rock.

The blue buildings of the Finding Nemo section can be seen ahead.

Animation Hall is on the right hand side, but we will be heading into Finding Nemo.

Dory and seagulls are visible here.

The plants are themed to the sea.

We made a left and are passing the Big Blue Pool on the right and one of two buildings for Finding Nemo.

Fish and turtles are among the icons here, with Crush and Dory ahead.

Marlin and Nemo are in the anemones (which always look like french fries to me) in the pool area.

Crush and Dory hang out in front of the entrance to Building #5.

Ray is outside of Building #4.

There were guests in the pool so I didn’t photograph it this time around. The water play area is cute though and this is where Marlin and Nemo are.

Pearl is among the characters here.

We are walking ahead toward the Righteous Reef Playground.

The Righteous Reef Playground is for kids age 5-12.

Squirt tops the play area, which is mostly a slide.

Walking ahead takes us to the Disney Skyliner, where we were earlier.

There are benches along the way.

On the other side of this palm tree is the restroom we saw earlier that was built with the Disney Skyliner station.

And here is one look at the Disney Skyliner gondolas, this was my last photo at the resort and my last time at any park or resort at Walt Disney World before they closed.

I plan to post a photo walk of the Cars section in the near future with extra photos than what are within this article. I didn’t photograph any other resort walks as I’d been at Disneyland for a trip and had little time upon returning to get another photographed. But I plan to once the parks and resorts start opening again.

I don’t plan to post another photo walk of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort unless there are significant changes in the future. At the time of this writing, everything is up in the air as far as when the parks and resorts will open. I hope everyone stays safe during this time period.