Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Where to Find Mickey and Minnie with Friends at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone!

I’ve posted about many of the physically distanced character interactions throughout the Walt Disney World parks, which include a variety of characters in cavalcades, motorcades, distanced meets and more. And unlike most other characters, Mickey and Minnie can be found in each of the four parks – Pluto is always with them too. There are no times published for these, as Disney doesn’t want guests to gather in advance. And they all run several times per day as part of the entertainment in the parks. Here are our photos and video!

Our video encompasses Mickey, Minnie and friends in the four parks.

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Daisy join performers at the Magic Kingdom as part of the Mickey & Friends Cavalcade.

Minnie Mouse poses.

Mickey and Minnie are in their 90th celebration outfits.

Donald and Daisy are at the back of the cavalcade.

Characters in the Magic Kingdom cavalcades often end up on the Main Street Train Station to greet guests below. This is similar to what we’ve seen at Disney Villains After Hours, which really helped set the tone for the cavalcades and distanced character interactions before the pandemic happened. 

Pluto talks to Mickey.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there is a motorcade that consists of two cars themed to their passengers Mickey and Minnie, as well as Pluto, Chip & Dale.

Pluto walks ahead of Mickey.

Minnie Mouse waves from her polka-dotted car.

Mickey poses by holding his jacket.

This is my favorite of the Mickey and Minnie character experiences in the parks.

At Epcot, Goofy and Pluto join Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie are in a special vehicle in this World Showcase motorcade.

Pluto strikes a pose with Spice Road Table in the background.

Goofy kicks his foot up.

Mickey and Minnie wave.

And at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, characters are on boats, cruising down the Discovery River. In this boat, Mickey and Minnie wear their outfits for the park and Pluto rides down the river with them.

These boat cruises happen often with different characters in several boats, and also the Discovery Island Drummers are in a boat as well.

And here is one last look at Minnie.

While things are different at the parks right now, there is a lot to enjoy and the new ways of seeing characters have been very popular. I hope some of them stay since there haven’t been parades in any park except the Magic Kingdom in years.