Halloween Window Displays 2020 at Magic Kingdom Include Merchandise and Fun Theming (Plus Full Merchandise Video Tour)

Hi everyone!

Since our last Magic Kingdom visit, Main Street Emporium windows with Halloween merchandise and fun theming elements have appeared. There are also merchandise displays and items inside. Last week I shared Halloween merchandise at World of Disney but there were a small amount of items I’d not seen yet here. We are still hoping for pumpkins and other Halloween decorations in the park but I have heard nothing official yet.

Here is our video that is primarily from inside, where my photos below are more outdoors.

Many Main Street windows have some sort of fall/Halloween decorations inside them.

Pumpkins and fall leaves take up these two windows.

Some of the decorative items remind me of Disneyland.

It is nice to see the fall touches.


Other windows include the designs that we’ve seen on merchandise and at World of Disney.

There is a bat in a pumpkin below left, as well as other merchandise.

Minnie and Mickey plush are in the window, sitting on a pumpkin.

Goofy is a jester in the artwork.

Daisy is a fortune teller.

Mickey is a magician and Donald a vampire. It is nice to see the artwork this year a little different than in previous years.

This window is geared more toward villains.

There are a variety of fun ads and nods also to Disney and more.

The big tent listed here is on the corner of 138th & “J.L. Curtis Boulevard” in a nod to the Halloween queen.


Dr. Duck’s Candied Lard – 1934. 1934 was when Donald Duck was “born”, debuting in “The Wise Little Hen”. And the other container says Main Street Sweets.


Pure Beetlejuice, Clarabelle’s Sun-Dried Sundries and Cheshire Tooth Powder.

Cheshire Tooth Powder, with that familiar smile.

Zero & Sampson Frontier Style Quail Jerky.

The glare was a little rough here (as it was in a couple of other photos), but there are books that say “Curses, Spells, Potions, Brews”.

Phrenology head.

This was really difficult to photograph with the way the sun was hitting the window, but “Olaf’s Frozen Carrots”.

A variety of ads are on this box. I assume the names here are Cast Members.


Main Street Premium Flour.

Sam’s Truth Serum. I’m guessing this has to do with the link between Jungle Cruise and Adventurer’s Club (the backstory of which it opened in 1937).

Madame Hill’s Soothsaying Sanctuary & Spa.

Main Street Sweets.

A better look at the Pure Beetlejuice ad.

Mama Redding’s Pumpkin Patch.

Inside the Main Street Emporium, the displays are maybe a little toned down from previous years but still very welcome.

Signs and decor top this display.

Pumpkins and light-up necklaces are on this side.

Bats in pumpkins.

Mickey plush pumpkins.

Oogie Boogie sippers.

The other side of the display.

Halloween decor.

The display includes mugs.

This Halloween Mickey Mouse mug can be found across the parks and at World of Disney.

Countdown to Halloween decoration.

There is a variety of apparel and some plush.

Candy corn popcorn is stuffed in this pumpkin.

There is a Limited Release MagicBand.

Magician Mickey pin.

Pluto in his costume.

One of the most popular elements to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (canceled this year) is the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular. This spirit jersey should still be popular even without the show playing.

The front of the spirit jersey.

And there is a Hocus Pocus mug.

There is also some Haunted Mansion merchandise and more. Halloween was going to start here a couple of weeks ago, with the first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on August 13th. But things look different this year and any bit of autumn and Halloween is nice to see.