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Gaston’s Tavern Reopens with Grey Stuff Cupcake at Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone!

We visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday and I’ve been posting articles from that visit. I had not been to Magic Kingdom in a week and in that time, Gaston’s Tavern reopened. The Grey Stuff Cupcake (which was The Master’s Cupcake at Be Our Guest Restaurant) is available as well. That was a last-minute purchase after trying a couple of Halloween treats, and was my favorite of what we ordered yesterday.

It is nice to see Gaston’s Tavern open again, although the menu consists mostly of a cinnamon roll, The Grey Stuff Cupcake and beverages. That is probably for the best though due to the small space.

Gaston’s Tavern had almost no wait when we arrived.

Social distancing is harder here, but once inside it didn’t take long to get to the register.

The menu has LeFou’s Brew, soft drinks and tea, as well as The Grey Stuff Cupcake and the cinnamon roll.

It says Be Our Guest Restaurant presents it.

We waited on this side of the plexiglass.

There were two registers open as well as the dining room.

We eat outdoors right now and took our cupcake outside.

For $5.49, the cupcake is on the small side – but really we didn’t need more, and the cookies and cream icing is really delicious. I didn’t take interior cupcake photos because this wasn’t planned as an article, but I have had a lot of questions about the cupcake and about Gaston’s Tavern being open.

One last look at the Gaston fountain.

There are still quite a few restaurant locations across property that are not yet open, it’s great to see Gaston’s be the latest to swing open the doors. We will be back at the Magic Kingdom next Tuesday for the first day of the Halloween offerings!