Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Magic Kingdom Boat Dock Construction Photos w/Signage from September 21st, 2020

Hi everyone!

I was at the Magic Kingdom yesterday after a soggy day there on Sunday for Halloween. I went yesterday more in hopes that the Grand Floridian walkway would open – it didn’t – but I do have an update on that and also on the boat dock. And I will have more Halloween articles tomorrow.

I took a ferry boat as usual from the TTC yesterday morning and noticed some workers and construction equipment crossing in front of the boat.

They were heading over to the site.


This was the last photo I took of it from the ferry boat, with the boat docking.

While walking in, I noticed the Resort Launches signage installed. I don’t know when it went in but I’ve not seen it before. 

Here is a close up look on it.


And later I took a monorail around. Here is a look at the construction from above.


It was a gorgeous day at the Magic Kingdom and I have a couple of thousand photos to comb through from the last two days still. We have a lot of Halloween coverage already and much more coming.

Keep reading Mousesteps for more construction updates and Halloween coverage this coming week!