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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Autumn Treats Include Nightmare Before Christmas Offerings (Review)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is offering a number of different seasonal autumn treats at Gasparilla Island Grill, including Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween exclusives. We’ve ordered a few of those treats over the last couple of weeks. Here is a look of what we’ve tried so far!

First up, the Sally Whoopie Pie Hearts. I am not sure why two of the dessert items here are in plural, it is one heart. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort says it is a Heart-shaped Cake Sandwiched with Fluffy Cream decorated with Sally Dress Pattern and Chocolate Stitches. $4.99.

The design is really unique, I plan to pick one up for a family member who likes Sally this week.

Some of the blue cream can be seen inside.

The taste itself is a little plainer than I expected – it is a nice cake with whipped buttercream. A good dessert, not too distinctive in flavor as much as in design. I think the cake flavor is vanilla. I love that Disney is making so many whoopie pies, it is a favorite dessert of mine and fun to see what they come up with.

Next, the Zero Dog Bone Eclairs – again a plural. Disney’s Grand Floridian says of it, that it is Chocolate Coated Pâte à Choux Dog Bone Éclairs filled with White Chocolate Mousse. $5.49.

While it is called an eclair, the taste is more like what I think of as a cream puff. The interior cream was pretty thick and not what I’d normally think of as in an eclair. My expectation on taste was quite a bit off of the reality. I’d probably get it again if the occasion arose.

The third item we had was a couple of weeks ago and made it into another article I posted. The Fall Flavors Cupcake is the clear taste winner for me of these three items. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort says of it, that it is a Cinnamon-spiced Cupcake with Apple Filling topped with a Sugar Pumpkin and Maple Buttercream in festive fall colors. $5.99.

The combination sounded iffy, but this is one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had at Walt Disney World. I am picking another one up this week (the third). When I cut into the cake, it reminded me of cutting into Tonga Toast – but with apple instead of banana. It is just a perfect autumn dessert.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort reopened a couple of weeks ago and we had lunch there this past week (at Gasparilla Island Grill). With the parks being busier now, we’ve really enjoyed having lunch at resort locations – this week we also went to Disney’s Beach Club Marketplace and ordered lunch and resort specific treats.


There is also a Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Cake Pop, I’m not sure if we will get to that one this season but if we do, I will add it to the article. We usually try one or two items each resort visit – not the whole menu.

I feel like the resort treats are overall a big above the park offerings this year – it seems like all that creativity that normally is getting directed into gingerbread houses, restaurants and conventions is now being turned into even more imaginative desserts and treats at counter locations. Definitely seek these out if you have a chance.