Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza Refurbishment Photo Update from October 2020

Hi everyone!

The refurbishment on the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza continues – the painting looks almost half done as we are heading toward the 50th anniversary of the park (and Walt Disney World) in 2021. The paint job looks nice, it isn’t the first time in the last decade that we’ve had a new paint scheme but it has been almost 10 years since the Toll Plaza was more a reddish color.

Cones marked off a couple of lanes as usual today as painting continued. 

Workers were working on the “C”. The first few letters have been finished and have a nice iridescent look to them.


Here is a closer look at the “L”. On my last update, I showed the letters in detail.

The Toll Plaza is being painted a dark blue color, where the other blue is much lighter and reminds me of waves.

The toll booths themselves are also being painted. Here you can see two newly painted booths and then one still in the lighter blue color and the others in gold.

We are staying at Walt Disney World for a few days and will be sharing updates in the coming week a little more often than usual. I don’t know when the Toll Plaza is scheduled to be finished but I would assume in a few weeks or so (it started about three weeks ago and appears about half complete).