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Looking Back at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parades Over Ten Years, 2010 – 2019

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade would traditionally have been held this evening. It would have been a beautiful and cool day for it. Due to the pandemic, there is no parade and while there are some activities, it is restricted for campsite guests this year. Hopefully we can restart our tradition of Halloweens at Disney’s Fort Wilderness next year. But in the meantime, I wanted to post a Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade retrospective. While we have participated in so many activities for Halloween at Fort Wilderness, the parade is one we have done for ten years.

Here are videos with just some of my photos. First up are parts one and two of the 2010 parade. Back then, it wasn’t possible to put more than 10 minutes on YouTube at one time. And I didn’t post an article every year, but about half can be found here.

Part 2.

This photo looks like it could be current but it is from 2010. The family who owns the cart is at Fort Wilderness each year and the cart is very recognizable. It does not usually have a horse.

This was a Toy Story cart with a green alien and Buzz Lightyear.

This isn’t a golf cart but the collie was themed to the Headless Horseman. It is hard to believe this is 10 years ago, I remember it like it was just a few years ago.

This family also has been at Fort Wilderness through the years for Halloween, and they drive a pirate ship cart here.

I am sharing more of 2010 than any other year, I have so many photos and we spent more time looking through the 2010 pictures. The guest who owned this campsite setup was here for years. It was a fantastic display.

Here is our 2011 video.

The Peter Pan themed pirate ship cart was fun – Peter Pan and Captain Hook dueled.

This is in my top three carts of the last ten years – top two even. This Alice in Wonderland themed cart was AMAZING. It took them several months to create and was just so detailed.

After golf cart parades, guests can look at the top carts. There was so much to look at here.

Alice’s cup.


The costumes were so on point. This was above and beyond almost any golf cart parade entry (and there have been so many good ones through the years).

Mike Myers was also in attendance.

Our 2012 video:

I mentioned my top 2, this is the other one. The Up house rolling down past the Meadows complex was a sight to see. There were actually two Up entries that year.

So much effort went into this.

Costumes again for the campsite guests were perfectly matched.

It has always been fun to talk to those who create these works of art (and they really are – I think this took several months as well).

The first pirate ship family is here as well.

That night, the winning campsite was also a pirate ship theme.

Our 2013 video:


Our 2014 video:

Woody and Jessie were part of the parade in 2014.

A Haunted Mansion cart was really fun.

Seven Dwarfs Mine theme.


Our 2015 video:

This was the year of the Dunkin’ Donuts cart.

There was a monorail entry.

Darth Vader waves to guests watching.

Our 2016 video:

The River Country cart was a standout that year.


Chip and Dale often have met guests, and also were in a number of the parades.

Our 2017 video:

The Hatbox Ghost was terrific.

Wall-E was a fantastic cart.


Our 2018 video:

This was another of standouts, including a Steamboat Willie cart.

This is another one of my all-time favorites, the Tower of Terror cart.

The Fort Wilderness Ferry.

There were two great Nightmare Before Christmas entries that year.

On to the 10th year.

Our 2019 video:

Slinky Dog was a fun cart.


The Toy Story Land cart had a lot of fun details.

And Figment with Dreamfinder and the Dreamcatcher.

I am glad there will still be activities tomorrow at Fort Wilderness. There are a lot of fun memories from the last 10 years and we’ve met a lot of wonderful people at the events. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Golf Cart Parade is always the biggest and most attended, probably second is Fourth of July and then Christmas. They are always a good time and hopefully can return in 2021. If not, I will dig through my photos for a bigger article.

Thank you to all those who have created such fun carts through the years (and decorated campsites, carved pumpkins and costumed pups). This has been one of our favorite holiday traditions each year and it’s been fun to experience it.