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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Walkway to Magic Kingdom Opens, Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Walkway is now open! We walked the path yesterday, which I have been looking forward to ever since work began on it. Potentially guests can now walk from the TTC to Disney’s Contemporary Resort – most won’t, it is quicker to take a monorail. But it is a nice, open air option that links the three monorail resorts, the TTC and the Magic Kingdom. Here are about 80 photos from yesterday!

The first few photos are before we arrived at the path. From Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, there is the walkway to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.


I picked up lunch and a mini-stollen bread first at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and then walked to the Magic Kingdom.

The walkway is a little off the beaten path if you aren’t sure where to find it. I will take a couple of more photos of the approach on Monday and add here,  but it is straight ahead to the left near Gasparilla Grill.

You can see the full walk in our video.

There is a very small sign that points the way to the path. I wasn’t sure what was on the sign at first, but they are stars.

Here is a closer look.


This is the start of the path.

A monorail passes by.

The walkway is adjacent to the monorail beam.

I am approaching the first of the two bridges here.

The second of the two bridges is in the distance. Cinderella Castle can be seen a bit over the tree tops.

The first bridge still is part of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, the lampposts change when you arrive to the section at the Magic Kingdom area.

The primary views here include Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower. As we approach, it will be easier to see that the Christmas tree is up.

Here is the first bridge.

Cinderella Castle can now be seen a little better beyond the second bridge from this location.

The path is direct and easy to follow.

This is a view looking in the opposite direction.

And forward to the Magic Kingdom.

There are very nice views along the way, including of the monorail resorts.

The Seven Seas Lagoon is along the right hand side.

There are lampposts the whole way, two different styles.

A monorail passes by with Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian in view.

The large Christmas tree can be seen here in front of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Disney’s Grand Floridian can be seen between the trees.

Wildlife can be viewed as well, mostly birds.

I have been asked how far the walk is – I photographed and occasionally stopped during it and the walk took 20 minutes. I figure it is about 15 without photographs but I plan to time it on Monday.

The Ferryboat and a resort boat can be seen in this photo.

In the left side of the photo, a palm tree can be seen.

There are quite a few palm trees along the way now as we approach the second bridge. It was a breezy day.

To the left is where the Electrical Water Pageant is stored. I look forward to that returning sometime.

Here is the second bridge, which is a swing bridge. And on the other side will be the Magic Kingdom lampposts.

My view looking back.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort with the Ferryboat and Christmas tree.

The lampposts are completely different now.

A boat passes by as it heads to Disney’s Grand Floridian.

A monorail passes on the left.

Monorail black is passing on the left. 

The Magic Kingdom monorail station is on the left hand side.

The new boat dock for resorts is ahead. It is also open now.


I got caught up in a couple of conversations and didn’t myself end up going through security, Jeff has a few screen shots here and I will take a photo of the walkway sign on this side Monday.

Mickey looks festive at the Magic Kingdom!

We walked back also, and this is the view when leaving the walkway – Gasparilla Island Grill would be to the right.


I started Mousesteps in 2007 to showcase photo walks around Walt Disney World property, I am glad to have a new walking path to enjoy! It is even more important right now as we try to stick mostly with outdoor spaces. And on Monday I will add a few more photos and the walk time.