Park Candy Releases Adorable Yeti Face Mask

Hi everyone!

Our friends at Park Candy have a new mask designed by Hollie Ballard, a cute Disneyland-inspired yeti design that they titled “Yeti for Snow” and is in their Christmas shop – but I would wear it year-round. There is a mountain, and a yeti on ride vehicles and in various poses. So cute! With code MOUSESTEPS you receive 10% off almost anything in the store.  We purchase Park Candy masks for ourselves and as gifts, and we’ve been friends with the owners Steve and Carise for about 10 years. The mask is on an early December pre-order so it should ship soon, and masks can sell out (often temporarily).

Information about the mask:

  • Part of the Hollie Ballard Collection
  • Poly sublimated on the front, microfiber lined on the back
  • Adjustable elastic ear loop
  • Slip through pocket for PM 2.5 filter
  • ADULT: 7 inches x 5.1 inches
  • Flexible metal nose grip that adjusts to your nose width
  • Every purchase includes a donation to the CHOC Children’s Foundation and the Everglades Outpost Wildlife Rescue

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