“Wizard’s Way” Harry Potter-Inspired Vacation Rental Near Orlando, Florida – Photos and Video

Hi everyone!

We were invited last month to stay one night at an 8-bedroom, 5-bathroom Harry Potter inspired vacation home called Wizard’s Way in Davenport, Florida (near Orlando). It is almost 4000 square feet and sleeps 18! There are many visitors to our area who do book vacation homes when wanting more space than a hotel room provides. Loma Homes has two vacation rentals in the Orlando area right now, one that is Star Wars inspired called Twelve Parsecs (I will write it up next week) and this one. Wizard’s Way is a very popular house, for example it looks like summer 2021 is mostly sold out already (so book early!)

Here are photos, video and information about Wizard’s Way!

We have a full house tour on video.

Here is a look at the entrance (looking back from near the kitchen).

The kitchen is very large and well equipped with appliances, cookware and dishes.

There is a full-sized refrigerator. These are the same type of cabinets and appliances we have in our home – really nice quality.


In what we thought was a nice touch, the glassware includes goblets and beer mugs.

Towels, a sponge and dish pods were included. There was a Keurig but no coffee (unlike Twelve Parsecs).

The Wizard’s Cookbook is placed in the kitchen for use. There was hand soap and sanitizer but no dish soap.

Two bottles of water were left, along with a small sunblock and a couple of Harry Potter themed items.

The living area is very cozy, with several couches. There are many televisions throughout the house. The upstairs living area is also very nice.

In the corner there are throw blankets. Props around the house include wands. And to the right, there is a game that was not fully working while we were there but was intriguing.

I really like the table, there are candles on them (not to be lit) and a throne at one end. Photos of castles are on the wall.

The kitchen is right off the living area.

Nearby, there is a bed that resembles the Hogwart’s Express. The walls look like brick. This is custom furniture created by a company that specializes in themed environments.

Here is a view from the other side.

And inside. There was no smoke from the smokestack on this day but there was a whistle.

Luggage is in the corner.

This bed looks like the flying car.

We went up the staircase, which has photos all over the walls.

This bedroom is inspired by Dumbledore’s office, including a bookshelf.

The lighting in many of the rooms is very well done.

Here is a look from behind the bed.

The bathrooms have fun little details and offer Beekman 1802 shampoo, conditioner and small soaps. If you are staying for a while, you will want to bring your own to add to it. 

There is a bathroom that includes mermaid theming. The bathrooms themselves are pretty standard for Florida otherwise.

Here is a look at a little of the theming.

There is a washer and dryer behind these doors. Honestly, it is like a scavenger hunt while opening so many doors around the house.


I really love this area. At both houses we stayed at, there are two living/family type rooms. The one on the lower level is the usual living room but upstairs there is a themed area to watch television, play games, etc.

Of the two homes we stayed at, I prefer this one since it has a cozy feel to it.

There is a couch and chairs.


We will be going through that door later.

The televisions are decent sized and there are so many of them in the house. Also, there are board games below this television.

The games are themed to “Harry Potter”.

Here is a quick look at a movie room. You can watch television and the room is themed to the Forbidden Forest.

Here is that door I mentioned.

The dragon is really cool here and its eyes light up!

This window says “The Toy Store” above it.

The dragon is really well done.

Here is a look into the eyes. From what I understand, smoke can come out but it wasn’t working on this day.

This room is Ravenclaw inspired.

This room is Hufflepuff inspired.

There is a pool table and foosball table.

Outside, there is a private heated pool, BBQ Grill and table.


We stayed just the one night at Wizard’s Way, check-in was 4:00pm and check-out was 10:00 a.m. so we didn’t settle in like someone on vacation but there is a ton of room to do just that. There are aspects of the house, like the alarm when the backdoor is open for more than 15 or so seconds that I’m guessing is pretty standard with vacation homes (but we do not normally stay at them). There was a concierge number we were given. Loma Homes does make check-in and check-out clear as far as what is expected. Pricing for Wizard’s Way does vary, but is very reasonable for how many guests can stay.

There is also a Clubhouse in the development, we did not visit but it includes a water park, a gym, a theater room, a game room, a bar, sand volleyball and more. The neighborhood is large and offers mostly vacation rentals.

We also don’t get any commission or anything further from Loma Homes than the one night stay.