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Epcot France Expansion Update From Disney Skyliner – January 21st, 2020

Hi everyone!

We went to Epcot yesterday and I took some photos of the France expansion from the Disney Skyliner. A portion of it is now open (I posted photos and video with information a couple of days ago). We don’t know when the rest of expansion including Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will open, currently the date posted is just 2021. Here is a look at photos from yesterday!

The day was really nice and I went back and forth during the day and closer to sunset as well.

There are some small changes I noticed from the last time I passed by.

The other day, it looked like there was work being done in what looks like windows here (adding floral design?)

The balcony design has reminded me of rates since put in, but the flowers and tree now block that a bit.

I just noticed in the past few days bicycles and motorbikes.

This is a better look at the regular bicycles. I believe the red motorbike (seen more clearly above) is Chef Skinner’s Vespa scooter and then maybe Collette’s motorcycle.

The sign was installed a couple of months ago.

The France expansion is quite a bit different than La Place de Rémy at Walt Disney Studios Park but there is a Ratatouille fountain in both locations and the ride will be pretty much the same.

A lot of the expansion looks just about finished.

Trees are in the way, but it looks like maybe Lacave Ego (which would make sense since it appears to have wine in the window).

Le Crêperie de Paris will be both a table service restaurant and will have crêpes to go. One side of the restaurant is not behind walls anymore. You can see the wall below which separates the expansion section (with restrooms) that has opened from that which has not.

There is a kiosk below.

Signage can be found around the location.

And after I rode the Disney Skyliner, we went back into the area of the expansion that is now open. I photographed the Gusteau’s sign from there.

The Eiffel Tower can also be seen here.

I wrote about the entrance here in my article from a couple of days ago. The Héctor Guimard style dragonfly design looks like a historic Metro entrance but says “Ratatouille” and lights up in the evening.

In my last article you can see more rat and Remy themes in the land!

The sunset was beautiful.

I can’t wait to see the expansion fully open.