PeopleMover Testing Photos & Video in Magic Kingdom as Opening Date is Delayed

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday and the PeopleMover was running around the tracks for the hour or so we were in Tomorrowland. While the app currently shows the opening delayed until March 1st, it was nice to see the cars moving continuously. Also, the March 1st date wouldn’t be set in stone, it has been delayed many times and my going thought is “it opens when it opens”. That said, it is my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom and I look forward to when that happens. Here are photos and video!

Our video shows over 5 minutes of Tomorrowland with PeopleMover views.

Tomorrowland wasn’t crowded at all while we were there and we enjoyed seeing the PeopleMover from various areas. 

There are signs saying the PeopleMover is closed for refurbishment.


The PeopleMover has been closed since before the pandemic closure.

Here is a look from the Astro Orbiter with TRON construction in the background.

We walked to the Tomorrowland Speedway.

TRON and the People Mover can be seen here.

Looking up at the Astro Orbiter.

There is a hat and a shirt for the PeopleMover. I didn’t conquer it this visit!

This is the shirt.

Hopefully we will see the PeopleMover open soon and I will post when that does happen.