Disneyland Paris Shares Fantastic Phantom Manor “Ride and Learn” Video

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris today shared a fantastic video of Phantom Manor highlights – 4 minutes – with “Ride & Learn” information. I really miss being in Paris – the parks are currently closed but hopefully will reopen in April. Phantom Manor is very different in story than our Haunted Mansions stateside but with some familiar elements. We posted about the history of the music of Phantom Manor in an article last month as it was shared with us from Disneyland Paris. Here is the video!

The quality on the video is terrific, I’ve been on Phantom Manor so many times through the years but this is the best I have seen it on video. The “Ride & Learn portion talks about how the Manor was owned by Henry Ravenswood and then the history – the bride is Melanie, his daughter.  The attraction has over 60 audio-animatronics.

Photo copyright Disneyland Paris

Phantom Manor is a spookier experience than Haunted Mansion. Vincent Price’s opening narration returned in 2019 and his laughter can be heard through the ride. The western town at the end is my favorite scene. In Disneyland Paris, Phantom Manor is located in Frontierland. I look forward to riding again (hopefully later this year).