Sunrise on Batuu: My Photos and Video from Early Morning in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Hi everyone!

I had the opportunity with a small media group to experience sunrise in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge last week. It was a beautiful morning to spend a couple of hours on Batuu and I took more video than I expected to because I enjoyed hearing all the sounds in the land that are not as audible when guests are inside. Below are about 75 photos and a 12-minute video from the morning with a very minimal amount of text. I arrived at about 6:00 a.m. and we left as guests were let into the park.

Here is my video followed by the photos.

It was dark when we arrived into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

We were brought to various areas to photograph, including near the Millennium Falcon at various times.

I like this angle with the lights on the railings.

We weren’t riding anything, we were strictly there for photos and to experience the land. As someone who has upwards of a million photos in my archive of Disney pictures, I always love a unique opportunity for photos.

A look at the Milk Stand pre-opening.

The TIE Echelon fighter is where we’ve seen shows with Kylo Ren in the past and hopefully soon again.

It was getting a lot lighter by now.

The Ronto Roasters droid was working.

Just for theming, the courtyard area of Docking Bay 7 is one of my favorite locations in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

We were able to go into Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.


We walked through the Black Spire Outpost Market.

I expect to add in a little more text in the coming week but this was primarily a photo and video article. It was a really nice opportunity to enjoy Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge before it opened.