Every Character Topiary at Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival (Photos)

Hi everyone!

Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival kicked off on March 3rd, 2021 and my favorite aspect each year is the topiary displays. There is so much to see this year and a longer time to do it – Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival runs through July 5th, 2021 for the longest festival ever! There are dozens of topiaries to find around the park along with gardens, the Goodness Garden Butterfly House, special food items and more. Here is a look at the topiaries! We do have some individual articles for various displays and will have more.

The entrance topiary display this year is Fantasia. The mushrooms greet guests at park entry.

Sorcerer Mickey is surrounded by the brooms. We have seen Sorcerer Mickey in topiary form at Epcot many times before as well as at the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Spaceship Earth can be seen in the background.

Three ostriches are to the left hand side.

Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator are to the right. There are changes with many of the topiaries this year, including some extra pops of color (such as the pink tutu) and eyes on many topiary characters. I will write an article about the changes in the topiaries and why that is later this week.

Here is a closer look at Hyacinth Hippo.


Woody, Bo Peep and her sheep are on the west side of Epcot. This side of Epcot used to have very little sign of the festival and this year there is more than ever.

Woody and Bo can be seen past the flowers.

This Toy Story 4 display was on the east side of Epcot previously.


The sheep all have individual looks to them but you have to walk around the display a bit to see that.

Bambi, Flower and Thumper are in front of Mouse Gear again this year.

Bambi and Flower have a bit of a different look in 2021 than previously.

The characters have been part of the festival for many years.

Here is a closer look at Bambi.

Buzz Lightyear is in his usual location in front of Mission: Space.

Mickey, Goofy and Minnie are on the main walkway toward World Showcase.

Mickey holds a paintbrush. The characters here are ready for construction!

Pluto continues the theme with a roll of measuring tape.

Chip and Dale are next to him and have nails in the flowers nearby.

Figment has returned in front of the Imagination pavilion.


Mufasa and Sarabi look totally different this year! They were green topiary plants prior and now they look like lions. Rafiki and Simba are very similar to previous years.

Mufasa now has a mane.

Rafki holds Simba high. They were in the Outpost area for years during Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival and this year they are in a more prominent location.

Daisy, Donald are with Huey, Dewey and Louie at the entrance to World Showcase.

The “Harmonious” icon ring can be seen behind them. I was a little further back for this photo.

Daisy rocks purple eye shadow this year and Donald still has the bee on his head.

Here is one more look at Minnie, Mickey and Goofy from a long shot close to World Showcase.

Mickey and Minnie are also at World Showplace. This was a surprise for us to see on the festival opening day.

They are surrounded by flowers.

In World Showcase, Miss Piggy and Kermit are between Canada and the United Kingdom. They debuted in 2014 as topiaries for Muppets Most Wanted. At that time, Kermit held a banjo but he has been on a bike for a few years now.

Kermit bikes through the flowers.

Miss Piggy waves.

At the United Kingdom, the Pooh group are back.

Piglet rides on Eeyore.

Tigger is next to them.

Pooh holds a balloon next to Rabbit.

Rabbit received eyes this year. He holds his carrots.


Peter Pan received a new look last year, a “2.0” face. The festival lasted less than 2 weeks before the pandemic closure and now guests will get to see him!

You can see my article from last year comparing Peter Pan to his previous look.

Captain Hook looks a little different from last year too.

Back in the United Kingdom garden, Tinker Bell can be found.

She is behind the pavilion. She received a new look last year too.

Here she is from the back.

There are butterfly topiaries at International Gateway and elsewhere.

Remy debuted last year near the entrance to the France expansion. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure was scheduled to open in summer 2020 but now is officially opening October 1st, 2021.

Belle and Beast have been in this location for years. We haven’t seen any of the other Beauty and the Beast characters return since Belle received her new look in 2017. Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Chip have all been topiaries for the festival.

Before the festival officially kicked off, I photographed Belle and Beast in shadow. They would have lighting now.

Beast looks quite different this year and yet very similar too. It wasn’t really an upgrade but a change. I posted a photo of him from last year in this article I wrote.

The Japan dragon debuted in 2020. He was the Bromeliad Dragon in China previously. They changed the dragon features but it is the same topiary body.

Here is a look at the face.

Lady and the Tramp have enjoyed this location in Italy for a few years. It is picturesque and allows more guests to see them.

Here is a closer look at Tramp.

There are a lot of nice views to photograph them in here.

Snow White and Dopey are in Germany.

Snow White was the first topiary to receive this upgraded look with a sculpted face and arms. That was in 2014, 7 years ago now! I was told not to expect any other princess topiaries unless they received the modernized look. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are two princesses we have not seen in topiary form in years.

Dopey received his new look a couple of years ago. There used to be the Seven Dwarfs with Snow White but we won’t see that again unless they upgrade the other characters.


This ended up being a great location for the pandas, who until a year or so ago were pushed up against Nine Dragons Restaurant. They can spread out and look like they are playing, plus the backdrop is great.


The troll looks quite different in Norway this year.

Anna and Elsa have been located here for a few festivals now. After Snow White debuted her new look in 2014, Anna and Elsa arrived a year later (2015) with the 2.0 look.

Flowers surround them in pots.

The Three Cabelleros are also back! They stand in a colorful garden.

Donald holds his maraca and Jose his umbrella.

We will have much more from Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival coming in the next few weeks including a full topiary video. This is my favorite time of year at Epcot.