Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Cinderella Castle Update from March 29th, 2021 Visit Including New 50th Anniversary Decor & Stage Work

Hi everyone!

We were at the Magic Kingdom yesterday and I took  some new photos of Cinderella Castle. A couple of additional pieces of decor for the 50th anniversary have been added that can be fully seen from the front of the castle. There are also photos in the article of work going on around the castle, including the stage.

Here is our video and then photos.

Even from Chip and Dale, swags on Cinderella Castle can be viewed.

Each time I visit, there are new pieces that have been added.

From the front of Cinderella Castle, swags can be seen on either side.

Here is a look at Cinderella Castle while walking up on the left side.

The stage is still being worked on.

Heating elements can be seen.

Looking up on the right side.

There are quite a few decor pieces lining this side.

Part of the moat here is drained.

It is more visible when looking from Cinderella Castle.

The moat is still drained on the Liberty Square side of Cinderella Castle as well.

The decor is abundant here too.

We will be back to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday (Easter day) and will share anything new after that visit! The World’s Most Magical Celebration kicks off on October 1st, 2021 for 18 months.