Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast at Disneyland Paris Receiving New Entrance for its 15th Anniversary

Hi everyone!

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast at Disneyland Paris has been undergoing a major refurbishment, and is receiving a new entrance design to celebrate its 15th anniversary (the attraction opened on April 8th, 2006). With Disneyland Paris only a year away from its 30th anniversary celebration, it is exciting to see so much work and beautification around the parks as they still remain closed due to the pandemic.

Photos copyright Disneyland Paris

The refurbishment is now coming to an end and guests will find a lot more than just a new look for the entrance. The attraction has been completely repainted; interior and exterior lighting effects have been modernized; LED lighting is now throughout the attraction and they have replaced the interactive targets.

Here is a look from Disneyland Paris at what the entrance looked like before.

We are looking forward to visiting the Disneyland Paris parks again, hopefully later this year but definitely in 2022 for the 30th. It will be really nice to see all the upgrades in person.