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A Visit to Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park with Giraffe Feeding Experience (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

We were invited to experience the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park and also to feed the giraffes at the end of the drive (which is available for an extra cost to anyone who buys a safari ticket). The safari is located over 85 acres in Kenansville and Wild Florida also offers airboat tours and the Gator Park (the latter is included with the Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park ticket). Pricing can vary with any discounts, including for Florida Residents. Wild Florida is almost an hour from the Walt Disney World area, so you’ll want to give some time for travel in your day.

Here is our video first and then article with photos.

Before (or after) driving through the safari, there are restrooms and a gift shop. With Wild Florida being a bit of a drive, this is a good first stop to stretch the legs.

The Safari Gift Store is next to the restrooms. It is worth a stop in for a few minutes.

The Wild Florida Website says, “Buckle up for your wildest car ride yet! Travel down gravel paths within our Drive-thru Safari Park and discover more than 100 native and exotic animals roaming freely.”

It has been a very long time I’ve done a self-driving animal safari – probably about 30 years. I wasn’t sure if it was going to remind me of Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park but it only did in that every drive-through will be different. It was a warm day and the animals were mostly relaxing or grazing.

There are about 100 animals on the safari – there aren’t lions or any animals that cannot co-exist (except a small alligator marsh). The Gator Park has another 200 or so animals including a 1000 pound gator named Crusher.

We didn’t have too many animal crossings but every safari will be different in that regard.

This was probably my favorite area of Wild Florida Safari Drive-Thru Park (except for the giraffe feeding).

If you weren’t really looking for them, you might not see the deer and elk in the woods.

They really blend in. I used a zoom here to capture a couple of photos.

The animals have a lot of room to roam and graze.

As we neared the end of the safari, we saw giraffes and zebras. I was told it could take 45 minutes to drive through but we did in less than a half hour. That is with stopping to take photos. When there are more cars, it will take longer.

We also passed a camel.

Bison were standing in the water.

Ostriches roam around.

We were close up to a zebra as we ended the safari.

We were invited to feed giraffes, receiving one feeding each of 4 lettuce leaves. We enjoyed it so much that we bought a couple of more sets of leaves.

It is just a walk over to the giraffes from the main area. There is a sign for guests to visit the Gator Park, which is included.

Guests need a Safari wristband to enter.

Masks currently are required.

When we arrived, a number of guests were feeding giraffes.

There is a sign saying to stand 6 feet apart.

There was a limit of how many could be upstairs at any given time. It was a very organized process.

The giraffes moved around to anyone with lettuce.

Jeff fed one of the leaves to a giraffe.

We have only fed giraffes one time before, at a Belgium zoo. It was fun to do it closer to home.

Here is a look at the platform. I could have spent more time and more money up here, it was a very relaxed experience and our favorite part of the day.

Included is the Wild Florida Gator Park. It was a little busy so we just took a quick look around for about a half hour.

We found the alligators, but there are also other animals to view including sloths, lemurs and bobcats.

The Wild Florida Safari Drive-Thru Park was very relaxed and the giraffe feeding such a highlight. I wouldn’t recommend doing only the drive-through, but making more of a day of it since the Gator Park is included. Parking was a little tight as it was spring break. Wear comfortable shoes for Gator Park that you don’t mind getting a little dusty. We did not participate on an airboat ride this visit (we were invited to) but that is a quintessential Florida experience that we enjoy and will participate in next visit.

We were invited by Wild Florida, all views are our own.