Disneyland Paris

Disney Shares a Video Look at Biodiversity at Disneyland Paris, Including Eco-Grazing and Beehives

Hi everyone!

Disney shared a look today at how biodiversity plays a key role in conservation at Disneyland Paris. The video below shows how Disneyland Paris uses eco-grazing, among many other ways of sustainably utilizing the property. For example, Disneyland Paris works with a shepherd that breeds French sheep called Ouessant sheep that graze at Disneyland Paris (the video shows them near the Newport Bay Club) from April/May through September/October to landscape the grounds.

Allison Le Flem, Biodiversity Project Manager at Disneyland Paris says that Disneyland Paris has about 400 hectares of green spaces (about 1.5 square miles).

Disneyland Paris has also had beehives since 2012. We buy the honey when it is available at the parks. There are between thirty and fifty beehives and their management is exclusively in-house.

Le Flem also talks about the hens at Disneyland Paris and the vegetable garden at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne that produces for the park’s kitchens. Because there are no chemicals used, the food grown is organic.

There is more to the video, it is interesting to see all the ways Disneyland Paris uses resources in an environmentally friendly way which also results healthier and fresher vegetables, local honey (while pollinating the plants) and more.

Here is a look at photos we’ve taken of the Disneyland Paris honey. Pooh is on the front of the label.

And a look at the back of the label. It is not for sale all the time but I purchase as gifts (and for myself) when it is.

The amount of thought that Disneyland Paris puts into its environmental practices is always impressive. As Thomas Smith, Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks says in the Disney Parks Blog, “It’s a beautifully balanced ecosystem, and it exists right here at Disneyland Paris.”