Review: Gelateria Toscana at Epcot’s Italy Pavilion on Opening Day

Hi everyone!

Gelateria Toscana is now open at Epcot’s Italy pavilion. The new location offers not only gelato, but a variety of beverages (alcoholic and not) and a few other desserts including tiramisu. We were invited today to preview it just before it opened to the public at 12:30 p.m. (which will be the normal opening time). You can find the menu online.

Here is a view toward the Italy Pavilion on the way from the Mexico side of World Showcase. Gelateria Toscana is on the right hand side of the screen.

We were given this photo to share of the ribbon cutting prior to Epcot opening today. Mickey Mouse even appeared.

Guests found the new location and a line started forming quickly at opening time.

There is a menu outside.

If you miss that menu, there is one at the register as well.

This is the artwork behind the counter.

I was expecting to taste a few samples of gelato but we were given a nice selection of items to try.

Zeppole – Ricotta Cheese Fritters, $13.00 – I didn’t really taste the ricotta cheese but they were delicious.

Coppa Amicizia – Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Vanilla, Whipped Cream, $11.75 – On paper, I wouldn’t have ordered this combination but it worked really well. The cookies and cream tasted great with the strawberries. The whipped cream is different, it’s like a stabilized whipped cream (it wasn’t melting) and it has almost no sweetness to it without mixing it with the ice cream/strawberries. I do like the consistency and wish it had just a mild touch of sweetness.

There is also a Mocha Tiramisu with Mascarpone Cream, Savoiardi Biscuits, Espresso Coffee, and Chocolate, $8.00. I thought it was a nice, basic tiramisu and I had a couple of beverages including a Bellini. The Italy pavilion is known for its refreshing drinks.

I was asked a few times today what I’d order on my own. I think we will usually order the two scoops of gelato in a cup or waffle cone to split. I also want to try the Coppa Del Nonno – Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream, Amaretto Cookies, $11.75. It looked really delicious. The Cannoli Al Cioccolato looks like a solid cannoli as well.

We sat in this lovely courtyard next to the building.

Even the Cast Member sign is nicely designed.

Gelateria Toscana is a great addition to the Italy pavilion with a decent selection of desserts and drinks. And being that we are hitting the 90s right now out, the gelato is very welcome. There are also coffees including expresso.

Gelateria Toscana provided all our items today. All views are our own and we will add to this article when we visit again.