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Cape May Cafe Breakfast Review at Disney’s Beach Club Resort from May, 2021

Hi everyone!

Last week we visited Disney’s Beach Club Resort for the Cape May Cafe breakfast. It is currently not a character meal and it is served family style, all-you-care to eat. Disney’s Beach Club Resort is about a 10-minute walk away from Epcot’s International Gateway as one of several resorts around Crescent Lake.

On the way into the resort, I noticed a rainbow in the fountain.

Sitting outside of Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a classic Chevrolet vehicle (I believe a Chevrolet Depot Wagon).

I took this photo after breakfast had ended. Cape May Cafe is across the lobby. Breakfast and dinner are served here, dinner is heavy on the seafood.

On the way in to the restaurant, the hostess picked up our house-made pastries and breads.

The restaurant was fairly busy when we arrived. It was the least distanced dining experience we’ve had since starting to dine inside again.

The menu can be scanned, and there is also a drink menu with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

This side includes specialty coffees. Regular coffee is included with the adult price as are other non-alcoholic beverages. The cost is currently $25 per adult, plus tax and gratuity and $14 per child, plus tax and gratuity. We also received a 10% Annual Pass discount.

The pastry basket included butter, jelly and chocolate-hazelnut spread on the side. Parts of the meal are reminiscent of breakfasts we’ve had in Paris, including the pastries with Nutella and then yogurts and fruit.

While the Walt Disney World website singles out a “Lobster Tail” pastry with cream, that was not included and we were told it hasn’t been here since around opening day. Instead, there was a chocolate croissant to sweeten the basket.

I ordered the POG juice and an unsweetened iced tea. Orange juice is also available as well as soft drinks.

Seasonal fruit included red grapes, strawberries and pineapple. We also were brought strawberry yogurt parfait in individual bowls, which had granola and a strawberry in it. You can ask for more of anything, but there were so many different items brought out that we didn’t ask for more of any food.

We each ordered an omelet – I ordered the veggie and Jeff the western omelet. A plant-based egg option is available on request. My omelet had a variety of vegetables in it, including mushrooms, onions and I think spinach. We were also offered salmon, which I did not notice on the online menu. The cold salmon reminded Jeff of what used to be on the Boma breakfast buffet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Since Cape May Cafe is known as a seafood restaurant, the server said the salmon was a nod to that. The plate was very nicely presented, and included lemons, tomatoes and onion.

Here is a look close-up at my omelet, which was delicious.

Cape May Cafe is a New England-style venue, it had aqua carpet in our seating location and waves in the design. Now, on to more food!

One platter included sausage, potato barrels, eggs, beef hash (plant based version available on request) and bacon. The food here tastes as you’d expect – it is standard breakfast fare, but a lot of it.

The other platter included pancakes (the menu says seasonal but they tasted like standard pancakes), Mickey and Minnie waffles and brioche French toast. I have never had a Minnie waffle so that made a cute addition to the breakfast. The brioche French toast is really good, something a little different than usual breakfast items. Very little of the breakfast was unique but everything was fresh and tasty.

After breakfast service ended, we took some photos inside.

In this carpet, you can see a crab to the right. This carpet looks more like sand.

Croquet mallets are part of the decor.

Several sand castles are here as well.

In the back of the restaurant, there is artwork depicting vintage beach scenes.

Cape May Cafe is one of my favorite meals we’ve had in the last couple of months in large part because it was a delicious breakfast at a very good price point for Walt Disney World. I have come to prefer the family style meals to buffets, I’m not sure how long it will be until buffets make a return (not to mention characters back to Cape May Cafe) The breakfast was a nice way to start the day.