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Disneyland Paris Shares Sneak Peek Video of Upcoming Cars ROAD TRIP

Hi everyone!

Disneyland Paris posted a sneak peek video of Cars ROAD TRIP, which opens on June 17th when the parks reopen to guests. This attraction was originally Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic and has been rethemed to Disney-Pixar Cars. Disneyland Paris Ambassador Giona Prevete talks with Diane Oram, Senior Project Manager at Walt Disney Imagineering Paris while riding on the attraction. Oram talks about working on the project, including about the audio and working with Walt Disney Imagineering.

Cars ROAD TRIP guests are now guided by Sally and Cruz, and we can see Cars characters along the way including Mater and Lightning McQueen. This video is really just a peek at what we will see when the ride opens.

The Disneyland Paris website gives a little more information about what you’ll see on the attraction.

First stop: A nutty roadside attraction Snap a pic and don’t forget to wave to Lightning (Flash) McQueen, Luigi, and Guido at the World’s Largest Lugnut.
Second stop: Power shower! There’s nothing like a natural carwash in a flash flood for some extra shower power. See how a huge water tanker likes to shake up his cleaning routine in Cars-tastrophe Canyon.
Final Stop: An Artistic Mater-piece! Mater is well known for his impressive junkyard creations. Today he’s debuting his latest Mater-piece– can you guess what it is? Honk if you love this motor monument!

We look forward to riding it soon!