Book Review: “The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas” Celebrates Film and Haunted Mansion Holiday

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Today I received the book “The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas” to review. The 40-page book is new with gorgeous illustrations by the prolific and talented Jerrod Maruyama. The text is by Steven Davison and Carolyn Gardner (you’ll recognize the lines from Haunted Mansion Holiday) and was part of a similarly titled book previously. I just wanted to note that since there are reviews for the book online even though they aren’t for this book, which releases July 6th. Read below for my review of “The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas“!

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas” starts out, “Welcome, my friends, to our Christmas delight! Come witness a ghoulishly glorious sight. I know you’re curious to what’s inside. It’s what happens when two holidays collide”. Recognize it? It makes me want to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday again now, to be honest. From there, the 13 days of Christmas are illustrated gorgeously by Jerrod Maruyama with all your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters (including my favorite, Vampire Teddy).

There are a number of books coming out this year with the theme of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and this definitely is a must-purchase. I expect to give it as a gift to a friend or two. The final two-page “Scary Christmas!” illustration is really fun too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas” is geared towards kids but I think adults will appreciate it possibly even more – it is great for any age if you are a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Book pages provided by Disney

Here is official information from the publisher:

What happens when two holidays collide? Thirteen days of frighteningly festive fun! Count down the days to see Jack, Sally, and their Halloween Town friends put a spooky spin on Christmas traditions!

Jack Skellington is here from Halloween Town.
You’ll notice his handiwork scattered around.
This year, he’s decided to play Sandy Claws.
But when Halloween creates Christmas . . . you might see a few flaws.

From the minds of Tim Burton, Disney Imagineers, and acclaimed artist Jerrod Maruyama comes a picture book celebrating the classic animated film and the Disneyland ride it inspired.

Renowned Imagineers Steven Davison and Carolyn Gardner’s text turns turtle doves and French hens into floating candles and true-love potions, accompanied by beloved Burton characters painted in a new art style that will appeal to fans of all ages.


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